Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Back and Still Frustrated

The "new" ship looks like something a man tried to sell me once, as a substitute for a Rifter.

“It does everything almost as well,” he said. “You get one less weapon hardpoint, and you can't fit an AFB ... oh, and the hull plating's a bit ... well, insecure ... but -- ”

This one has zero weapons hardpoints, zero shields, and doesn't seem to have any ‘win’ modules at all.

And White Carnation has mailed to say she has a mission she needs help on.

So I'm clone-jumping to one of Mal's BSs, to go Do My Bit.

The poniez will just have to look after theirselves


Thursday, 24 June 2010

Razza-Frazzing Downtime !!!

Hates Downtime !!!

Can't even Walk in Station because the Arcanists can't get their Act Together.

Poniez on planet may be starving -- I may be losing ISK !!

By teh way, "Dev" stands for Don't Ever Volunteer.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

With regret

I've had to sell some poniez

The factory has been doing well and I had too many for my field, so I sold some to a nice man who promised me he had nothing to do with stealthhoundfood factories.

That went quite well, but on the way I noticed someone wanted "transmitters" and was offering 10 times what anyone else was. And as I had one or two lying around ...

I hope his wallet survives paying out 9x too much.

And now I have fewer I can start giving my poniez namez.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Getting Some Back

It took around 16 jumps, but I sold some stuff to buy orders, and made around 170K back from what it's cost me.

And I didn't have to sell a ponie !! So I have around 15 of them now, all frisking about, and making messes on my launch pad. I'm just hoping the Genetically Enchanced ones have the capability to mess in bricks that I can use for construction or something


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

And now

someone says I can make Genetically Enhanced Poniez (!!)

Don't knoiw what the improvemenbt is but, hey, Genetic Enhancement -- got to be good for something.

Just need the ISK to afford another Command Centre , and the planet with the Right Stuff

Friday, 11 June 2010

I don't Think ...

... that I mean to say it in quite those words.

Certainly people appear to have got the *wrong* idea.

-- -- I mean, it's not as though it's that offensive.

Is it ?

Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Machine

ate yesterday's entry, which was about finding a planet and starting the production process. But I have rescued it.

And, when I went to look this morning, my foreman said we have 17 poniez in stock, with more on the way. Of course, it's the Wrong Season -- all this ought to have been done for Xmas, so I could give poniez as presentz.

But I haz poniez !!!

[Leet smile]

And we're off

I pulled one of Mal's pre-packaged Mammoths off the shelf and flew it back, and last night I took it to market, bought a fat pig command centre, and raced back to install it. Then I paid good ISK to set down some extractors and according to my foreman (a nice chap who used to be a slave in an Amarri "colony") there ought to be some processed "stuff" later today. Which I can then, once he and The Lads have finished building an Advanced Facility, use to build my poniez !!! I have also put in a claim on a Lava planet. Officially I'm building something to do with T2 projects, but actually I'm having someone make me big glass tubes, which i can then fill with lava and oil and sell as mood relaxers.

Monday, 7 June 2010

So, PI

I'm excited (for the first time in a long time).

It looks like the Central Co-Ordinating Patrimony has listened to what I've been saying, because they've announced that, as part of the Land Grab, we'll be allowed to build Ponie Factories.

So I have my eye on a couple of planets, and I've been learning the skills, and I've had some of the refugees in my hangar training, and the idea is to buy the right Command Center, set it up, extract some ... whatever it is (I need to write these things down somewhere) ... and then send it to the bigger factory to Make Poniez.

Which I will then sell, so that every capsuleer can hav their Own Ponie !!!!