Friday, 27 February 2009

Back -- Briefly

Couldn't get my pod straight.

I was going to try flying the Machariel, but the pod was glitchy so I switched back to the 'cane.

Tried to mission and kept dropping my connects. Finally got lined up and spent forty minutes getting pounded by some EoM militants. About survived, and then decided to salvage what I could in a dessie. Had to do three runs before I had everything, and had it born in on me that, again, I have no idea of what's worth keeping, what I can sell, and what I should recycle.

All this time and still a n00b.

And White Carnation's moving out and down, so I'll need to fetch the freighter up to move her, as she doesn't even fly industrials.

The poniez are well -- but why shouldn't they be ? They aren't paying the stabling bills.

Did make 2 million out of the mission though, once I added the bounties to the meagre fee that the agent offered.

Friday, 13 February 2009

So ...

Being licked by Pancho (the Wonder Ponie) may not have been a good idea -- I've had a fever for three days now. Been confined to bunk reading skill-boox. May eventually learn to fly Mal's Heavy Drones.

Does anyone know if there are User Guides out there to Heavies, or to Sentries ? Just to tell me what to do with them and how.

White Carnation's gone off -- heard about some missions back down in Essence, and went to look at them. I may need the Flying Brick back up here to move her stuff, if she stays there, and if I don't want to be Mammothing for days to shift what she owns. She's industrious, I'll give her that.

And in other news, I may be Out Of Touch for a few days -- there's talk of a compulsory Republic Military School one-week call up, for skill refreshing. I'm with tech, myself, but apparently, since I fly a BC and a Cruiser, I'm "eligible" (read: conscripted).

Bless me, but life's a beyotch.

Edited: to correct the incomprehensible bits.

Monday, 9 February 2009

An Interesting Couple of Days

Went back to missioning -- managed my million (out of 3 missions), and then got one of those Important Faction Missions. I was thinking of turning it down, till I saw that the reward was 5 mill -- grabbed that and flew it as fast as I could. And then looked at my hangar and rearranged some stuff and ended up ducking down to [CENSORED] where I sold some stuff and made another 2 million.

Just in time, when Pancho the Wonder Ponie licked me awake, to find that I had a 10 million ISK bill for insurance. Since it was on the ship I mostly fly (Ourenaris) I paid it, and flew a couple of systems down to where some friends were supposed to be getting a mini-fleet together.

Wandered round a L2 complex for a while, popping reds in my Jaguar for fun, and then went for lunch. When I came back Bear was calling the fleet to arms, so I switched back to Ourenaris, and flew out. It took (the ususal) half-hour to get everyone sorted out, but then we were gang-warped to a gate and told we were going through.

I never did see two of the ships I was with -- Ourenaris is a BC, and I know we had a Drake and an Abaddon somewhere; there may have been another BS, and there was a little thing nipping round that might have been a Caracal -- in fact we may have had two of theose, in serial, one having had a slightly terminal experience with enemy fire.

We jumped.
Into a wall of red. All of them out of range of my guns. I closed in -- too eagerly, as it turned out :: they targeted me and my shields wilted. Aligned for a station and warped out with 25% armour, and set about repping. By the time I got back, there weren't many of them left, but since they had all picked their targets, I just whittled them down. Apparently the corp I was with had a dedicated salvager, so once "they" were all dead, we were recalled to base station pending reassignment.

The next one was the field of drones mission -- all of them 3hp, AC7, so we blitzed that. Then we did two more -- a one-room and a two-room. This time I didn't have to warp out -- I waited 10 seconds after the BSs went through, and then went for ships that were engaged. Got a string of frigs and cruisers on me at one point, but being Min, I just showed my heels and parthian-shot over my shoulder. Still, the 87K trip back to the others was a bit of a bore.

Then people started to go off to watch the Tournament, so we split up. I docked and went for a meal (without Pedro -- the station were a bit snooty about him (or her -- I'm not sure with Pedro)) and when I came back I totted up and reckoned I'd got around 1.5mill in my share of the mission fees, almost a mill in bounty shares, and 4 mill in my share of the salvage.

So I'm thinking I may take the Machariel out for a test fly -- Ghu knows what it will cost to insure her, mind you.

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Skill queue (that's the way I spell it !) -- Yay !! Even just for 24 hours'-worth, it will go some way towards avoiding the 2am log-in.

Vanishing of BoB -- Mystified. Never wanted to be in 0.0, but troubled insofar as, aren't G~Swarm the lot that send jihadists into 1.0 to kill carebears ? And, if they don't have BoB to wrestle with, aren't they going to go back to jihad for their yarr !! ??

In both cases, need to wait for the "official" line -- just how easy will the queue be, and will it be tied to certificates or similar mechanic ? And how was the AFKAB heist done ? Legitimately, with someone opening the gates to the Horde, or subversively, by impersonation and what-would-in-RL-be-criminal-fraud ??

We need to be told. In the one case, I'm confident we will be, once trial runs have ironed things out. But will it be in March, or is this on the "Ambulation" Real-Soon-TM bandwagon ??

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Movet #2.

Went all the way back to Mal's hangar, before realising there were no good ships there I could fly.

So I brought a T2 industrial back, and then fitted out a Vindicator I'd shifted halfway and flew that home. Not that I can actually fire the guns yet, but the low(er) lifes hopefully didn't know that. Can't even fly the drones, because Mal was good-to-go on heavies, which I'd been planning on looking at in a year or so.

And I fitted up one of his cruisers and found he'd dedicated it to salvage, so I now have something for mission-sweeping up that isn't a Mammoth.

I feel the need for some ratting coming on. Have my cocoa, and a cuddle with the poniez (who feel a bit Left Out with me away so much), and then maybe a long nap, and then perhaps we'll rat a while.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Movet ... or something like that

So, the Machariel is home. Sorry to all the yarrs who wanted a bit of her, but I stayed in hi-sec throughout. And brought cargo with me, as well as the shuttle.

And I re-equipped one of the others, and flew a Mammoth, unloaded, back to Mal's base. Also flew the Brick back.

Didn't kill anything. Hardly saw the poniez, either.

And my training just grew by another month, to use the modules on the ships.

At this rate it'll be a year before I get to fly any of them for real.

So I had to miss out on the mining operation with the Orca -- still haven't seen it in action.

And everyone's going on about wormholes and T3, and I don't see how I can get in on that. Unless I get a clone, and a Rifter, and just go fly-about. Which might be fun. Or not, when I get blown away.

Oh, well -- back to the nappery. And the skillbooks