Thursday, 30 April 2009

A good Day's Work

For complicated reasons (to do with a mining mission), I'd docked at a different station (in the same system, but ...). So, of course, there were different agents, working for a different corp -- tribal, ratehr than industrial. So I thought, while the techs were watering the poniez, I would see what work they had. And one of them told me about some documents that had been stolen and offered me almost half a mill to get them back, with a healthy bonus if I did the job quickly.

So I switched ships, went back to him, and took the job (off-loaded the poniez as well, as I tend to find they aren't keen on the battle-y bits). I reckoned that, if there were bounties, I'd easily make my million.

Not an easy job, though :: missile batteries, and substantial enemy -- also my pod interface kept sticking, and the only solution was to jump out and reset it (which meant abandoning my faithful drones as well). After three rinse and repeats, I managed to clear the first area (and recover all but one of the drones). Then I headed for the second area, through a jumpgate, to find heavy gun-drone positions, and some cruisers. Fortunately my current gun-load can be effective even at 40km, so I did my 'ran away while shooting backwards' routine. Then I collected the documents, and headed home, for my dedicated salvager. Nothing wonderful on the salvage (though some interesting components, I'm sure I can use).

But when I totted everything up at the end of the day, even allowing some some minor repairs I had to have done, I'd made over two million ISK. So I may well book in to the spa again, and see about fitting the pod with kumquat goo -- it's all the rage in Jita, they say.

So, clear skies, too.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

More "More 'Stuff ~~' "

A slightly more contentious suggestion:

Spend to save your ISK. You fly a ship (or two) and sooner or later it gets blown up. "Don't fly what you can't afford" -- that's what we're all told. It's true. But you can recoup some of your loss by insurance. You buy it at stations, and for a premium (or a series of) you can get a pay-out if your ship gets destroyed (by pirates, by belt-rats, or by CONCORD). The more you pay, the more you get back.
Of course, it only lasts for a period (90 days, I think), and if you don't lose the ship, you don't get money back. But if you do, the payout will almost buy you a replacement hull, and all that you have to do then is to fit it out.

Salvage -- Not only for the components, but for the modules, too. Stock them up, and wehn you next lose a ship, you may well find you have replacement fittings in your hangar ready. And they don't come "damaged" (yet) -- if it's in a wreck, it's deemed pristine and 100% fit for purpose.
And keep an eye on *what* you salvage. Some stuff you will never (or not for a long time) need -- you may only use projectile weapons, so laser lenses are useless to you. You may well not know how to use a webber or a warp disrupter. You can recycle them, or you can sell them to someone who needs them.
Other things are what are called "named" -- they're like the basic modules you use, but they have different names. Check them out -- often they are the Improved Version of what you're using, and can be swapped in for a slightly enhanced performance. If you do a "See Info" on them, and look at what is called the "meta level", you get an idea. Basic modules are meta level zero. Tech 2 equivalents are meta level five (but they will need further training to use). Meta levels one to four are the Improveds (some modules don't have all four, though). Use and enjoy -- perhaps even sell some to your friends, for a fair price.

Don't throw things away. In Certain Other Games, there comes a point when your stash/backpack/ whatever gets full. In EvE, your hangar is infinite (so far as I know). So you never *need* to just chuck stuff out. And there are other options.

You can sell it. Probably on the market. Right-clicking will offer the option, but you are far from guaranteed to get the best price. The Market will show you want prices are being offered where. Make sure you read the "Sellers" block and not the "Buyers" -- I have myself spent hours dragging stuff to a station before realising that I'd got things wrong way round. You can also post sell "orders" by using the Advanced button on the sell option -- that means the goods stay where you are, you set a price, and if people want them, they come get them (if not, at the end of the time period you've set, you get them back). You will be charged for this, but this is spend to save your ISK again -- you pay a little now, and all being well, you get more back later.

You can recycle it. Again, it's on the options if you right-click an item -- "Reprocess". What you get back are minerals -- what you get when you refine the ores you mine. The station will take a %age, and there are inevitable wastages, but the one is affected by your standing with the station's owners, and the other by skill training -- the higher your standing/training the less you lose. In this case, then, you lose the item, but get the raw materials eventually tro build something else. Or you can sell them. But you can't reprocess them again. Incidentally, reprocessing is the only use I've found for the Scrap Metal you salvage. But it turns into Tritanium, which is almost always wanted.

Or you can trade it to a friend. That way, in due course, s/he can trade you what you need and s/he doesn't, and it all comes round.

Learn your strengths. Most races have things they're *good* at -- it's worth learning what yours are, and building on them. The main example are weapons systems -- the Minmatar ships get bonuses for projectile weapons -- rate of fire, range, that sort of thing. So, if you're flying a Minmatar ship, you want to be thinking about fitting projectile guns, and firing projectile ammo (and therefore learning the appropriate skills). Otherwise you miss out on something the game meant you to have. Similarly, although anyone can *use* a drone, and all races have ships that can carry them, one race gets bonuses for drones, and has ships that carry for more drones. So, if you're that way inclined, and have learned the skills, you buy ships for that race, and benefit.

I will edit this and add some more later

Monday, 27 April 2009

More 'Stuff for N00bs'

(some of which I may have said before).

1. Your corp channel can be your friend. There is a Help channel (to which, I believe, n00bs are automatically subscribed for a while), but in my humble, it gets clogged with idiots and scammers (the latter because they know there are innocent n00bs there to rip off).

Your corp channel (to which you also get automatic subscription) is a tolerable substitute. People there range from n00bs like you to seasoned vets listening in for the h*ll of it. Some will drop tips, many will tell tales of Mistakes they have Made (which you can thereby avoid replicating), and some will even drop the odd ISK to those in need.

There is also the possibility of finding comrades in nearby systems, and linking up to share missions. Two can mine faster than one; two can kill more rats than one. Yes, you share the rewards, but then again, if you (and your friend) can do two missions (safely) in the time that you alone would do one (with risk), isn't it worth it ?

2. You can pick your missions. Agents belong to "divisons" -- Security, Marketing, Legal, and so forth. And somewheres there are multiple versions of a chart that tells you what sorts of missions each division's agents offers -- so many percent kill; so many courier. [edited:: Look at ]

Armed with that information, you can (to an extent) pick who you go to. Suppose you've just bought a cruiser, and are thinking of level 2 missions. But you're not certain if it's set up in the most efficient manner. You could always try it out ratting (but the rats sometimes stay away). Or, you can find a level 1 agent, who offers kill missions 90% of the time, and do a whole set of try-outs, against live enemies, but of the sort that a frigate or destroyer ought to be able to do. It won't be a perfect test, but it's better than diving straight in and getting Blown Away.

Or, if you need to run missions, but maybe need to be afk for periods (not a good idea, but sometimes necessary, especially after a night of curry), you could select agents that give courier missions. You'll earn less per mission, but (in general) they will be shorter than combat missions, and (if you stay out of lo-sec) you probably won't get shot at. Or you could get your mining ship, and go and work for a mining agent. You'll need something with teeth, because s/he will throw in combat missions, and because most mining involves rats as well. But you will have long(-ish) periods, wehn all you need to do is fill your hold and then either shuttle to station and back, or drop it into a jetcan.

3. Read the mission spec. The agents (breaking the fourth wall here) aren't real people: they're computer programs. They don't know what ships you have or what skills. So, now and again, they will ask you to do things you just can't achieve. Like going Ice Mining, when you don't have the skills, the ship, or the mining laser thingies. Or they will offer a courier mission that will take more space than you have. Sometimes those can be done by splitting the cargo and running the route two or three times, but sometimes it is one or two large units, which you can't fit in. And sometimes the pick-up location for a courier run will be hi-sec, and the destination will be, but the route will require ducking in and out of lo-sec.

In these cases, remember that you are allowed to refuse missions. You can refuse one mission from an agent and not (despite what the on-screen warning says) suffer a loss in standings. If you do, simply leave that agent alone for over 4 hours, and the standings-loss risk will reset. Go and fly for another agent (or drop back into Real Life for a while).

4. Lo-sec is not certain death. It just seems like that, when you lose a ship there.
Some missions (and some markets) require you to go one system into 0.4 space. There is the risk that the gate is guarded; equally there's the possibility it's not. If you use a throwaway ship (a Reaper, say), then all you risk is the fittings (and, obviously, any mission goods). You check the hi-sec side, and Local channel, to make sure that there's no obvious peril, then jump through. And wait. Your UI will show if there are ships waiting: if there are, you're still cloaked. You can either AFB back towards the gate and hope to make it, or warp out (probably to a station, using "Dock" so that there are only seconds before you'll be safe inside). If yuo're on a mission, you wanted a station anyway, to collect or deliver stuff. Your Local will tell you how many people there are in-system, and what chatter there is. When you need to go back, undock, and immediately warp to the gate you want warping to zero.
This means, when you arrive, you will immediately be within jump range, and can go through even if you're being fired on. Do not fire back -- a) it excites the yarr-gang, and b) the gate crews don't like letting agressors through. Just jump in (possibly with shield reppers running), jump through, and jump away (just in case they've put a second crew on the hi-sec side, to try and scare you back through -- remember, they can't attack you in hi-sec without Concord getting p*ssed).

I need a nap now.
Read, enjoy, comment maybe.

Clear Skies

Thursday, 23 April 2009

I may have found

what's been the matter lately. I haven't been spending as much quality time with the poniez -- I've missed them and they're missed me. Fortunately, between running missions, I managed to get some simul-apples from a trader in Hek, and that's brightened them up.

Missions ... yes. Had one of those "this will seriously affect your standings" ones, and when I looked it up, the cheat guide talked about heavy missiles and web/scram combinations. So i thought "You can only lose each ship once", so I took it.

Given the option, I warped in at 50 km, and found myself 60 km from the ships, and within 2km of the missile tower. So I opened up with everything on it, and pulled away, which meant that the longer I fired the further into my (or my guns') sweet spot I got. Yes, they *were* heavy missiles; yes, they did a *bit* of damage, but long before the ships could reach me the tower was dust. Then, since all the ships had lock on me, I loosed my drones, and fired at 40k. Believe it or not, none of them got within 25k of me. I had a slight shield issue (down to about 45% at one point) but my repper kept it under control. An implant and 49K ISK -- for about 20 minutes' work (even if the salvaging was atrocious)

So I went home and bought cake and fizzies, and we had a pretend birthday party -- me and all the poniez (except Snoball, who's in Trouble for eating the Health Inspector).
And now it's nap time for Jenni.

See you all soon

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Found the catch

with the super-salvage rig.

Which is that the cargo hold may not be big enough. I could lay out some ISK and invest in Expander IIs, but since I inherited the ship from Mal ready laid out, I would feel a bit disloyal changing it. Not least because Mal was all about survival, and I'd rather not get bl*wn away by messing with the set up.

I was helping the AK with some Level 4s, doing the salvaging. And the hold just kept filling. Mind you, the main reason, if you ask me, was the smartbombs. Which doesn't explain the drones, when four or five of them were fiiling me up. Either I need more room, or there are humungously large drones in L4 missions. With which, frankly, I never wish to tangle.

Ogre IIs. That may well be the training regimen for the medium term.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Come to Jenni

Found a rogue drone mission -- ran it with the BC and then went back for the salvage ship.

Ran the salvage faster than ever -- 20K pull-in on tractors and sweep wrecks with 2 sals each, strips them out almost before I can get to the wreck to get the cargo. I think the system is pull from far, salvage as they close, and just fly to what's left where there's a can.

Just need to find some more wrecks now -- or make some.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Still Aintn't ....

Found someone selling Salvager IIs not too far away, and at a reasonable price, so I bought the full lot and fitted some to my salvaging cruiser. Now I just need something to salvage.

I offered to rat for a friends' mining op (they apparently don't need more miners), but they didn't need me, so I ran through the belts and then caem home.

Tomorrow I think I'll try a combat mission and see if that works out

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Not Quite Dead in the Water

RL's been taking me away, but the Skill Queue is kind-of my saviour.

I'm on the fringes of training for Mal's exhumer, and between that and another skill-to-5 I'm training-scheduled up to the end of May. And that's without trying to train some skills and get at least capable of wormholes -- mostly in case I just happen across one.

And then .... well,I'll just have to play it by ear.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Take Care

Lost 2 ships in one run -- both Concordokkened when the Big C decided I wanted to shoot "innocent" wrecks. I think I'll stop salvaging with any sort of weapons on board. But in fact the bounties for the rats bought me replacements, especially with the insurance pay-out. And the fitting came from stock.

Which reminds me, I now see Salvagers IIs on the market, so I think I may be paying for some upgrades, to see how much better they are.

In other news, I see my protege White Carnation hit a snag when she got booted from the epic arc for letting a mission run out. On the other hand she is Caldari and I gather that her agent was Gallante, which can't have helped.

Take care, little one