Saturday, 21 March 2009

Bird Flies Nest

My young friend, White Carnation, who was to have been my scientific aide, and who went off to pursue her studies, and useful agents, twenty or so jumps away, has started her own blog, at

where, I gather, she is inveatigating the famed Epic Mission Arc.

I hope she finds that all goes two-by-two for her.

Fly safe, little one :: you will always be welcome back.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Is it *really* a journal ...

... when what you do is just record that Nothing Special Happened.

Went on for a few flys -- nearly lost the Mach when one mission turned heavy. But finished it, and ended up, when the bounties were in, with my 7 figures. Learned a couple of new skills ... and then found I *still* couldn't fly the ship I wanted to. Missed out on the AKFT mining op -- but I can't fly a Hulk yet so ...

And drone-ratted. By which I mean, not ratting for drones, but ratting with drones. One of Mal's ships ( well, several of them, but this one in question) is fitted for salvage -- 3 tractors, 4 salvagers [[If anyone has built Salvager IIs yet, I would buy one]] and no weapons. But it has a flight of lights in the drone bay. SO I was trying those on belt-rats -- which were melting l;ike sno-cones in a furnace. Of course, you only get marginal loot, but it's fun -- or different -- or something.

Going to nap now

Friday, 13 March 2009


I *hate* these compulsory training sessions. I mean, I quit Tech School, I'm earning (a little) isk -- and they still want me back for regular training updates.

Got back to the hangar, to find they're switched the ship-fitting system round, and they seem to have painted a dull-light-grey over it all -- I can just about see where the CPU meter is, but no idea, unless I look at the digital displays, what grid I'm using up.

And when I took a ship out, rastting, I find the belts *crammed* with rat-killers and all salvaging anything that doesn't move. Turned round, came back, got a good book, went to sit with poniez. They understand a tormented soul.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

OOC -- Maybe

I may be okay -- the patch loaded (after 5 hours, finishing while I was asleep) and apparently auto-activated, so that when I was woken, it was ready to try out. Which I did, and got Mr Skipperdoo for my troubles till the titles cleared, and then a tiny bit of lag, before bed called me back.

Tonite I'll try it, and maybe power down the animation settings and see if that improves it. But the weekend looks busy, so it may be Next Week, before normal oepration is resumed, and I can investigate Things. Like Tech 2 Salvagers, that I have been Waiting For. And the Skill Queue. And finding out what happend to Mal's container full of probes.

Monday, 9 March 2009

OOC -- Apoc

Hopefully my system will be able to cope with the new graphics -- if it doesn't, Clear Skies everyone and I hope Wormhole Space, T3, and the Skill Queue are all that the adverts imply.

On the subject of adverts, I agree with the various posters who have said that we know CCP can make pretty trailers, but what we'd like are the ones that are drawn from actual gameplay footage, rather than idealised images of what will actually never be achievable

Down Time

May not be on for a day or two -- rumour has it that they're closing the stations for a day, for system upgrades, and I don't fancy being out In The Black on my own -- too many yarr-ers out there for my taste, especially if the upgrades affect Concord.

But I'll be back as soon as I can.

So It Goes

A mixed couple of days -- went back to Mal's hangar (since I had the time) and collected some more hulls. Dropped a Moa off to White Carnation (since she's going to be doing L2 missions and needs to be alive at the other end), and flew the rest up to my #2 depot.

Then learned the basic skills for using guns on one of Mal's BSs. of course, where I am is 1.0 sec, so there weren't rats to hunt. And his fititng includes a tractor but no salvager, so when I went to where I knew there were rats, I could shoot at them, but not salvage the goodies. But the guns work, and the 4 mixed drones seem to too.

And then, after an extended nap, and an hour on Presidents & Interns, I cut loose to see if the AKFT were around. Their channel was inhabited but otherwise silent, but later Belt Rider came on and I ran hauler for his Hulk for an hour, and mined scordite on the side (it was Bear's rigged hauler, which carries a mining laser up top), and then knocked off to watch CSI - Rens.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

White Carnation

... commed me last night. She'd got to her new station, and had apparently gone to find some work. Found a mining company who wanted Astrosurveying doing. Except when she signed up, the mission was to blow away some Amarr scum who were planning viral terrorism.

And her in nothing better than a dessie.

But she went for it, and apparently came out alive. The hardest thing, she said, was taking down their slaver ships, which are apparently chelonian-armoured and have guns on just in case.

Very proud of her, especially when I look up the ships she was taking on and find that, as well as frigates, she had destroyers and scram/web interceptory things. And this from a girl whose done next to no combat training in her life. I may have to buy her a cruiser and some skill books if she goes on like this.
And she was supposed to be coming to give me a hand with my bps.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Aitn't Dead

Just been Doing Things. Couple of 7-figure missions (even one where, when I measured the stuff I looted & salvaged against the market (without looking for Best Possible Prices) I had made 2M in the one swoop); couple of short haul jobs and a "hand over 10K of ombar and we'll give you a standing boost".

And flying the Machariel -- yes, I know: silly Jenny, it's not insured etc. But the temptation was too much, and it turns out not to be too bad. In fact, as against, say a Rifter, it's awesome. And it has 1400s -- the ones they talk about in the bars, and the fitters' waterholes. Still can't fly Ogre IIs on it, but ...
As far as I can tell, it seems to work best at around 40 km, where it puts holes in cruisers quite nicely. And the light drones I'm flying seem to eat frigs for light snax.

White Carnation has gone. And without my help. She bought herself a Badger and I threw in the cost of some Cargo Expanders, and she packed all her gear (apart from some emergency ammo, and a mining / combat frig duo, in case she needs to shuttle back this way) and flew off to Somewhere Else.

Means it's me, DDD, and the AKFT (when they're around), and assume everyone else is an enemy.

Poniez well enough -- still waiting for me to bring the Freighter back so they've somewhere to run.

Fly safe !!