Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Feels Odd

Finally took the plunge (as I had the ISK) and flew home and got myself jump-cloned.

There are now 3 of me -- 2 in cryo. And it feels odd -- will the poniez recognise my "Other Me"s ? Time will tell.

Got some scavenging done on the way back to work -- my thanks to the kind people who're blue-flagging their excess wrecks. Makes it far less tempting when you find a yellow can with something in.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Maybe NotAScam

Got a million back from Ragnar the Gallente. Posting this in (part-apology) for mentioning I'd lent him ISK.

Apparently, according to the mail he sent me, he's been out ratting and salvaging. Met up with some solid-red merchant who was stealing his loot, but didn't engage, so bad luck to the "oh look, it's a noob -- I can get him to let me blow him away" brigadier.

Poniez well. Napping lots. I seem to be in intermittent hibearnation.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Mine, mine -- it's *all* mine (all right, ours)

A day mining with Ursus -- we hit the belts before anyone else, as far as I know (certainly before the AKFT Bar was open), and gouged out kernite and scordite and other stuff.

Also managed to find a market for some ore only 5 jumps away. So we mined it, and I orca'd it to market to marker (tho' not to buy a fat ponie -- I already have enough of them).

All in all, when we split it up, we'd each made around 4 million. Plus bounties on around 10 rats that dropped in and never dropped out again. fewer than I'd expected, given it was an 0.5 system.

Have a new protegee -- a Gallente who wants to learn Assualt Ships and buy an Ishkur. Except he's no cash. So I may delve into Mal's legacy (what's left of it) and lend him some. Hope it's not a scam.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Hulkageddon note

My Hulk's staying docked, but that doesn't mean that me and the poniez are recreation-less.

Spent a week helping Carnation on a Level 3 "significant standings" mission; and yesterday I took out Mal's old salvaging ship to run the belts.

And noticed that, as soon as a ship enters a belt that just has one miner in it, the miner packs up and leaves. Which I'm putting down to the Hulk-gankers. I'm not one, but if I were flying a Hulk, I'd not even be letting a Rifter near -- a Reaper, maybe, but even that gives a "warp to" for the gank fleet.

So, lo-profile and salvaging for the present