Wednesday, 27 May 2009

So that's

"no" to the HAC, which means it looks as if I'm in for the (very long) haul for the Orca.

Which at 1M per day (when I can get 'on'), is around 1.5 years for the ship and goodness knows how much longer for the skillbooks.

Oh well, it's (supposed to be) good to have a long-term plan

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Question Now

Actually, it's less *now*, but it soon will be. I'm nearly at the end of training up for Mal's ships (although there's the matter of training up the skills for the mining crystals I didn't realise I was inheriting).

Then I'll need to set a new course -- and probably not in the direction of the Interceptor or the Logistics Cruiser he left me, although those will stay safe and warm in a hanger, in case of need later. The question is whether to move to gank, and save up for a HAC, or stay carebear and aim longer-term for the bigger target of an Orca.

The HAC would be for L4 missions -- well, the ones that Eve-Survival doesn't recommend for the capsuleer who wants to die nastily and bloodily. My BC seems to be able to cope with most L3s and while I have no desire to force myself into the heavier stuff, I gather that there are rewards there, to be reaped. And I suppose, once I've learned how to use it properly, it might be capable of seeing off the smaller PvPer (the one in a nooB ship, for example).

The Orca, on the other hand, would be for mining ops. To act as a mother ship, to move an entire wing of ships -- Hulk, hauler, ganker, salvager -- from system to system, and to carry the loot to a market. I would use the Freighter -- the fabled Flying Brick -- but that can't pick up contianers from space, only from a station, and it also can't take rigged ships. So, if I want to have mission-ready ships I need the Orca. Trouble is, it costs so much.

The HAC would be cheaper, but I'd be running it in combat missions, where I could lose it. And gh*d knows what the insurance would be. On the other other hand, once I can run Ogre IIs, it is possible that missions will be able to be approached differently. And there is also the matter of the fabled 1400s. Will a HAC be able to mount these ? Effectively ?

Either way I need ISK. Which, at the moment, seems to come best from the mining side of the carebear life. I mentioned the plag prices, but I seem to be able to make over a million just with a hold-ful (Mammoth, not Hulk) of veld. But at that rate the Orca will be forever. The HAC would be quicker, but only till I lost it (and all the fittings).

The poniez aren't much help, either :: they're more interested in Cantering On Stations, and getting (or me getting them) some luxury blankets and nosebands, and some Gallente oats.

Friday, 22 May 2009

I want to say

a big thank you to the guy/girl/corp that's racked up the plag price in my local. Thanks to you, when I got back from looking after poniez, I had time to dive into Mal's Hulk, do three runs to a belt, pull in 3 holds of plag, and sell it for 1 million.

So, having done my quota for the day, I can rest, relax and pet poniez some more.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Can Flippers

1) Must be sad b*tards. The one who jumped me simply switched cans on me and then sat round. They may eventually have taken the ore -- by that time I had lost interest.

2) Presumably therefore are looking for PvP in hi-sec. In which case, it would be illogical to draw any conclusion than that they are fully ready for anything that's brought to them. If you show up in -- say -- a cruiser (because the can-switcher was in a destroyer), "they" will simply bring in a BS, and so on. The ore is simply a pretext for wanting to gank you, only they want you to Bring the Gank, so that CONCORDE won't intervene.

3) Can be avoided by not using a can. So, the theft is simply by way of an unofficial tax on hi-sec mining. Which given that someone was offering well above the market level for ore in my system, is a fair rebalancing of ISK.

4) Doesn't therefore appear actually to raise any real profit. To steal my can-load took (to my best estimate), the initial destroyer, which then stayed in-system for at least 45 minutes, and (presumably) a hauler to collect the can (unless they simply let it decay and abandoned the ore). I don't see how this makes any ISK of itself -- the time they were there, I could have mined just as much myself.

Friday, 15 May 2009

O-o-C :: Browsing

I came across this :

today, and found in it an interesting PoV on the yarrs-v-carebears/hiSec-v-0.0 issue.

Some of you may be interested, too

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

More exploring

Still don't *understand* what I'm doing. Managed to find 100% site in my home system; managed also to find it manned by Angels. As the CovOps ship has zero weapons, I Ran Away, but not before bookmarking a collidable.

Then I grabbed the BC and went back. Three rounds of Angels later the fighting stopped, and I salvaged. But there was no sign of any sort of organised outpost, and the collibables all came back as neutral.

Then I few out to an old mining ground I know, and tried there -- found a "Drone ... (something)". Which turned out to be a hollow asteroid. Fortunately I'd already swapped to Bear's GunBunny (another hand-crafted ship, that fights well), and I tried assault frig tactics -- get into range and orbit on afb -- which turned out to work well enough. Five rounds of drones, inlcuding one sentient.

But still no luck locating wrecks -- I may need to "up" my Astrometrics (which will need to wait till next month, because this month is 'Learning Ogre II' month)

In other news, I am advised that my Logistics cruiser is going to be unuseful except in fleet ops. A shame, since I dont have a fleet to op it with (unless I put each ponie in its own Reaper, and send them to Scour the Stars)

Monday, 4 May 2009

No Idea what I'm doing Wrong

Have CovOps ship (not something one usually admits -- tends to get mutterings, and suggestions you're going to be blown apart). Obtained Sisters' probe launcher for it. Then they changed all the probe systems. Bought scanning probes (don't ask me the serial number -- man said they came off a Providence that had an Accident, and not to ask questions, so I didn't). Tried using them and got some responses -- unfortunately I can't afford guns for it, so when the 2 Gistii turned up, I had to run.

Couldn't set a bookmark though -- had a scanning tower dead in my sights, but the UI wouldn't let me bookmark it to come back to.

What I was looking for were wrecks. Didn't find any, though the directional scanner said there were some somewhere.

So I went and bought something called a Combat Probe that, on the box, says it scans ships and wrecks. Took it to my system, checked there were wrecks around somewhere, and tried it.

Zero result. Absolutely no pickup on any wrecks. I can only think I've programmed it wrong. Going to go back tomorrow and try again -- otherwise I may have to complain to the manufacturers that it doesn't do what it says on the tin.