Monday, 30 November 2009

More Mining

Met up with Ursus again, and he Hulk-ed and I Orca-d and we ran a couple of belts low on good stuff. Also lost 2 flights of mining drones between us -- I think I'll reserve mine for 0.8 and above: I can aford to lose them, but when you've named them, and painted them up, and polished them, it's a bit hard when some NPC rat just blows them into smithereens.

No idea what we made -- we collected the stuff, we didn't actually *do* anything with it. That will come later.

Tried some scanning, but I obviously need a *lot* more practice. But according to the patch notes, they're bringing in a scanning tutorial so that will be helpful.

Not looking forward to Lock-In Day again -- the poniez are getting restive, and I'm afraid they're going to run rampanyt across the entire station. Must get in some extra cabana boys to help feed and brush them.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

More Holiday

Went off to the system with the plex, and found it interesting.

Would have said challenging, but someone else was busy clearing it (and very kindly vacuumed up most of my wrecks before I could bring a salvager in -- well, a Cheetah isn't really built to take a salvager, what with the need for teeth at 2.5k). So I hit the belts (all 3 of them) and popped some rats.

But I think the place has possibilities (tho' it might have more if I werre yarr-inclined, and in a suicide-Rifter). Next thing, I think, is a proper assessment of whether the salvage is worth the time (and whether the local agents offer missions I can enjoy in the mix of ships I have)

Thursday, 12 November 2009


So, now I've got the Orca, I thought I'd learn a bit about it. I went back to the system I'd loaded up for the COSMOS missions I never did, and collected everything from there, then reshuffled the hold a little and took the Orca and kit down to see White Carnation.

She brought her mining cruiser up a few systems, and we met up, and fleeted and I tried out the "fleet booster" role. She tells me she was making more ore with it, and I was running mining drones while waiting, so it worked out quite well. Till the rats arrived. I lost drones, but we fought them off, and then docked, and all I had to do was unship a salvager from my ship-bay, and I could salvage all the rats.

Ended up with a hold full of minerals, which I went 1 jump ot sell and we each ended up with 900K. And she says that there's a L1 plex a few jumps away, and I just happen to have my Cheetah with me ...

Sunday, 8 November 2009

So I'm Richer and Poorer

Poorer by about 400M (though some of that I've taken from Mal's legacy

And Richer by an Orca which I should probably now learn how to fly. Or navigate. Or something.

But the poniez have a Really Big CargoBay to play in. (Though the feed bill is enormous -- does anyone out there want a semi-carnivorous ponie for company on long flights ??!!)

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Not the greatest of days

DDD has gone.

Not like Mal: he hasn't *quit*, but he's Moved On.

Apparently White Carnation and he stayed in contact, and she told him that she'd found a system with something called kerniate ore. And apparently it is worth A Lot.

So he called me up for loan of my Flying Brick (Mal's old one), and yesterday I went out to Klaevik, and loaded up with ore and veld and a couple of ships, and miscellaneous gear (I thought my hanger was messy, but ... !!!), and he loaded up his TRusty Badger, and we flew out to the back-end of beyond (but still in hi-sec) and relocated him to a new station.

Then I had the joy of flying the Brick (an Obelisk, for the trainspotters among you) back to my bit of space, watching all the way for the orange flags we'd been getting coming down. Even to the point, on the way down, of one of them locking target on the Badger, but DDD warped off in time.

So, both my Caldari chums have found their way to me, and then headed out again. I stay in touch but it's not the same.
Except that Carnation has started sending me ISK to repay the loans I made for skillboox, and DDD is definitely coming in on a share in teh Orca when I get it (he sold the veld (because he can always mine more) and made 70M isk in one bite). I'm 2 days off Mining Foreman V, and then I but the Director book and learn that, and then it's just the 40 million for the Orca book, and I'm set to go shopping.

Not that I have the cash yet, but if DDD sends me 100M, and I spend some more of Mal's legacy .... (And I let a couple more poniez go to Good Homez ... )