Friday, 30 July 2010

I *hate* days like these

Just a simple little job -- that's what the agent said.

Flew out and found some Serpentis harrassing traffic. Blew them away, and more turned up. And more. Ran out of ammo, and had to fly off, in the middle of the mission no less, to buy more (and then couldn't get the stuff that I wanted).

Finally the Journal said I'd hit my target ship and blown it up, and I got the **** out of there. Left all the wrecks. offered them in local, only to be topld that some guy had been watching me all along. He offered to ctiricise my technique and I but my tongue and didn't tell him where to stick it.

The only consolation was that I reckon I made nearly 5 mill out of it all -- my most ever.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Back in the thick of it

Ran my 1st formal "mission" in months -- all part of the "buy me a Dramiel" routine (and because the new "factory fresh" poniez aren't, and they don't wash often enough, and I needed the break).

Shooting some Angel rats. Which tended to die out when my heavy guns spiked them around the 35K mark, and even more so when the drones and missiles got in. So, my apologies to their chaplain (assuming that they have one) for all the extra work, and another 500K into each of the wallets (regular and Dramiel fund).

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

After an RL down-time

I'm back and I've decided to try to replace the Dramiel I lost ratting and salvaging (when I got mixed up between the two). So last night I clearned 2 PI sites, and tried to sell the product.

Took almost 45 jumps (including 2 unscheduled diversions), but avoided getting Hulkagedded, and made 2 million towards my goal.

So, outward and onward !!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Sold my poniez (almost all of them at the factory) for 400K -- not bad for 2 weeks' production. Now I just have to pay the man for the grazing they did till I sold them, and the lad who cleaned out the hold of my indy -- apparently one or two of them had "minor accidents" during the journey.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

In and Out and Back Again

Don't like jump clones.

Convenient, but the "new" body never fits right.

Still, it was worth it -- Carnation got her mission done and I got a bundle of loot. Those BSs were vicious, but the Ogres chewed them, and the smaller stuff seemd to melt once I got my ranges right.

Amarr slavers -- we hates 'em.

Next job is to redesign my ponie factory -- Babylon Bear wants hamstas !!