Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Not the Greatest

of Days.

I was running some Sisters missions, while building up my resolve to quit COSMOS space and go back to ordinary missions (with the Sisters at least I'm working up to earning some boosted probes), and I got led to a L4 agent who was offering non-combat missions. So I did two, in a shuttle, and got away with it, and then a third came, and it was apparently pure reconnaisance, so I took that one.

Gated in and was blatted by two cruisers and a BS. Ran, returned to station. Was going to look up the mission and see what else I might do, but got call from AKFT person who needed help catching Dagan (Don't worry if you don't know the SP -- either you eventually will come across him, or you won't and it won't matter). So I threw up the 7-figure mission, and went to help him in Mal's Megathron.

I tanked, he blatted, I threw in a couple of drones, Dagan went down. I salvaged and handed it over, and went back. And then found that my shuttle ought to have coped, and that I'd thrown away a 7-figure mission.

Snit city. Ponie-cuddling time.


Monday, 21 September 2009

Not Good News

I don't know where they heard it from, but according to what I was told ....

I've stayed in the Pator Tech corp since I graduated -- they're good people, they have clean stations, and they do what they can for their graduates. Now, apparently, CONCORD have decided that they have to start charging us (or taxing us) to stay members. They want us to join the commercial corps (which tax anyway), because they say that they protect us by blocking pirates and null-sec gankers, and we ought to pay for it.

So I lose all my friends, and then I lose this protection because the null-sec people simply war-dec hi-sec corps, which means they can kill you as they like and you get no rights against them. My poniez are scared stiff.

And if I'm going to save up for my Orca, I really can't afford the taxes.

On the other hand, had excellent day yesterday with the AKFT, mining and chatting -- mostly mining. Ursus was there, too, which kept my spirits up.

And tomorrow I'm planning on ... well, never mind: don't want the gankers to hear me ....

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Back in the Sa-ddle

The Mega seems a bit better with the Warp Stabs off. I've also diversified ammo (anti-mater being a mite expensive), and worked out ranges. My long-range ammo hits at 40k, my drones can go in at 35k, and my shorter-range ammo kicks in around the 25k mark.

Frigates boil under drones; cruisers seem to wilt under shells, and Mal left me room for a tractor and salvager so I can even hoover my own wrecks most of the time.

Did Human Cattle 5of5; thought about the fleet, but then noticed there are no bounties (because they're Amarr) so I'd have to be sure I could get them all before I'd get the salvage. Decided to leave it alone. Still got almost a mill between fee and bonus. Rounded off the take with a L1 mission: 2 frigates. Didn't even need to fire: drones did both of them. Good fee -- must not have been taken for a while.