Wednesday, 25 August 2010

About halfway

to my Dramiel, if prices stay low.

One quick mission, in between seeing to my ponie factory (and listening to Dr.U going on about how poor the rewards were for manufacturing Construction Blocks) -- Angels (or Ark-Angels) camped out in deadspace, spying on the Utterly Trustworthy Government's strategems.

So I went 20th century on their asses -- salvage was poor and I barely got 1 million out oft he fees -- I think I need a new agent -- either a richer one or a more stupid one.

Hope he never reads this.

Friday, 20 August 2010

I'm conflicted.

My carebear soul (which likes the peaceful life) likes the fact that courier missions are pretty safe. Take A from B to C; get paid (with a bonus if you don't *rse around); possibly pick up a mission part of the way back; fly home; dock. My avaricious brain, always looking out for the possibility of getting blown away, dislikes the fact that they pay peanuts, and that there are rarely mirror-image missions at the other end to make the return trip worthwhile.

On the other hand combat missions pay a lot, but take a long time, and kill yer shipz. (And people are supposed to like nipping in and stealing the objective, but so far, praise the Cosmic All, I haven't had that). My brain likes the reward, my carebear soul whimpers and hides under the blanket till it's all over.

What I need is the sort of agent who's willing to pay combat rates to have their holoreels and tobacco delivered, and whose combat missions pay medium well, and are always against one rat in a noob ship that just happens to be rigged with Faction moduels and tons of salvage.

And I know what people will say :: Come to 0.0 -- everywhere's like that !!.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

So -- been quiet

Meh -- I haz ponie-farm, and it takez up time. I have to go and reset the extractors every few days, and then I have to find homez for the poniez. Still, I got a couple of missions done. The Serpentis don't like me a lot more because of their transport ship that had a terminal experience and I gather that I may find my name on a few cigarette cartons up in Mordus space as a "People we'd like to see lost"

Monday, 2 August 2010

Dem Rocks, dem rocks, dem dry-y rocks

Doing a mission I noticed one or two roids in the last room.

SO I eve-mailed Dr.U and got him to come over in his Hulk, and when I'd finished the rats (Amari scum) I told my agent I'd left some salvage behind, and ducked into my Orca and he and I had an hour popping roids without having to worry about pirates.

And in the end it wasn't really worth it -- veld seems to have gone down in price since my day. So I gave him some ISK and a hold full of veld and we parted company. but it was nice to have someoen to fly with, after all this solo PI.