Monday, 8 February 2010

Apologies to

- - - the wonk who tried to can-thief 3D and I.

I know that you thought you were very clever, sitching out stuff into your can and waiting for us to take it back. And when you decided to tow it away, I know my Orca wasn't fast enough to keep up with you. But you oughtn't to have kept taking a hold-load out of the can, because it kept you red, and you ought to have noticed the drones my Orca had -- I did roll them out twice to emphasise the point.

Warp-scramming me was good ... -ish. If I knew how the gang-agression system worked, I'd have had 3D kill you with the Kestrel. As it was, the dsrones took you out, and then I could warp off.

And, yes, we did ravish your wreck. Next time, please leave better fittings in it. All in all, I reckon you got 2 frigate's-worth of pye, and lost your semi-pimped shiplet. We got the ore we wanted and a killmail to boot.

Oh, and how does your corp CO (who advertises his corp as honest and up for fair fights) feel about you spending time flipping jet cans and losing your ship ?

Best wishes, Jenni and the DrDrDr

Monday, 1 February 2010

Sad Farewell (with shiny side)

I have decided to let the Poniez go.

In a manner of speaking.

Where I am currently, there is a colony world, with a temperate climate. They don't actually have poniez there, but they have children, and vegetation suitabler as ponie-food. So, in their own best interests, I have decided to donate the poniez to a childrens' centre near one of the cities. They will get fed and watered and played with,. and I can shuttle down and visit them from time to time.

Means I shall be lonely. Except that there's a man on my station who says he has kittenz ...