Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Not the Greatest

of Days.

I was running some Sisters missions, while building up my resolve to quit COSMOS space and go back to ordinary missions (with the Sisters at least I'm working up to earning some boosted probes), and I got led to a L4 agent who was offering non-combat missions. So I did two, in a shuttle, and got away with it, and then a third came, and it was apparently pure reconnaisance, so I took that one.

Gated in and was blatted by two cruisers and a BS. Ran, returned to station. Was going to look up the mission and see what else I might do, but got call from AKFT person who needed help catching Dagan (Don't worry if you don't know the SP -- either you eventually will come across him, or you won't and it won't matter). So I threw up the 7-figure mission, and went to help him in Mal's Megathron.

I tanked, he blatted, I threw in a couple of drones, Dagan went down. I salvaged and handed it over, and went back. And then found that my shuttle ought to have coped, and that I'd thrown away a 7-figure mission.

Snit city. Ponie-cuddling time.


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  1. Stuff happens. One of my associates lost a mission in the unexpected server crash the other night. he warped back in the next day and of course it was gone. Doh! He had to fail it, take the hit, and regrind.