Friday, 19 June 2009

So, yes, I've been quiet

In fact I've been mining.

And, no, I won't say *where*. Suffice to say it's hi-sec, has multiple belts, and most of them have Conc Veldspar, which sells for about 1M per Mammoth load round here. So I've been getting up, mining belts, stacking Veld, and then walking it to a station to sell.

Or, more recently, walking it to a (different) station to refine. Along with not-selling a lot of my back salvage and refining that too. Yes -- I'm trying a bit of manufacturing. One of the containers Mal Garamite left me had some BPs in -- mostly BPCs that apparently fell off someone's hauler (don't ask -- I've never known Mal to agress, and who ganks a hauler and leaves the loot ?). One, however, was a BPO -- for a Minmatar frigate model. So, I've also been stockpiling minerals to use it and build some. Finally, yesterday, someone put up a buy order that covered my "collecting the ore" station, and I was able to liquidate almost my full stock for 10M. Which funded a buying trip of my own for the rare minerals I needed for the BPOs.

So now, a manufacturing line is working to turn out frigates which I then plan to distribute through four regions, a few in each, in the hope that people will buy them and I can get (some of) my money back. My time I won't get back, of course, but it was actually very nice *not* getting shot at. Had one or two belt-rats, of course, but now that I have a Hulk, they don't really trouble me. Also had one or two visits from a corp I know as can-flippers, so I didn't risk jet-canning either. He (or she) who lies low, can often pick up what the bold adventurer overlooks.

See you on the flip :: have to go feed poniez.

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