Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Combined Ops

Scoped out an unlisted jump-gate with the CovOps and found it guarded. So I sent the BC in, to clear the guard, and then sent the CovOps through the gate.

Which turned out to be hairier than the poniez wanted -- there were a fleet of ships, but there was also a close-in spotter. Who, when I decided to warp out, turned out to be packing something that shut my warp-drive down, as well as a webber, to kill my regular engines. Fortunately, when I'd stopped Snoball from panicking, I cut in the afb and just ran for it. And managed to outrun the warp-drive shutter-downer's range.

So, having had a day to think about it, I went back with the BC, and shot the guard, and then, once I'd Gone Through, I poured everything at the inside spotter. He (or she, I suppose -- though the piloting was about male-standard) melted and I got to look round, with everything else at about 60 k.

Then I spotted another PC ship -- a strategic cruiser -- my first to get a look at -- had a hole in the middle. Someone was firing at her, and since I had the opportunity, I fired back on his account. And then shamelessly kited along, letting her draw fire, and then picking off anyone who responded. Of course, that left wrecks, at which I wanted to look. Was tempted to use the BC salvager, but didn't want to be stranded when Whoever came back.

So had to warp out, and go fetch one of Mal's salvagers, with tractors. Eventually got all but two wrecks (which were full of scrap metal when you salved them), but then had agression at 40K, and decided to leave those last two and keep my skin whole.

So, just waiting now to get the bounties and then I'll nap.

Happy patch-day everybody !!

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  1. You're lucky to have gotten webbed at the edge of his range. Also, lucky he wasn't putting out hgher DPS as CovOps pop quickly. If you have not already done so, I recommend getting Thermodynamics. It can get you out of some hairy situations like this quicker and also adds to your overall firepower when you come back in as you did.