Monday, 24 August 2009

How to Get Blatted

Basically, don't learn the disadvantages of your modules.

I don't blame Mal -- he obviously rigged the ship the way he wanted it. A Megathron. With Heavy Hybrids firing Antimatter and Iron. And including, in the lows, two Warp Core Stabilisers.

Which apparently cut your targeting range by half each time. Which meant that, before I could target a ship, I was looking down its gun barrels, and was well inside the effective range of any of my guns.

Took it into a fleet with AKFT, and found out. Escaped the first engagement, because they drew fire off me; never got into range on the second one (the AFB kept cutting out as well).

First experience of a Command Ship being in-fleet. Kept getting Shield points added, which made me think I was taking damage.

After that I took the Meg for a stroll among some other ships. Unfortunately they were far too heavy and by the time I got out (thankfully unscrambled) I was deep in armour and wondering if I hadn't ought to have structure tanked as well.

Won't be going back there in a hurry. Wonder what works well against 3 BS and a small horde of smaller. The Ogres didn't even have an effect.


Ponie-feeding time.


  1. For frod's sake, either ditch the WCS's or change the guns. I had them on there in case of being warp scrambled, because in a case like that I would be running rather than wasting time trying to fire at things, but if you're not risking that (i.e. not PvPing) then you don't need the stabilisers.

  2. - WCS on any combat ships is fail.
    - Never, ever tank for structure.
    Best of luck.