Monday, 12 October 2009

Good News at a Distance

White Carnation commed me to say that she now has a second R&D agent in hand, and is grinding toward a 3rd.

Meanwhile I'm presently trying to stay afloat by doing L4 courier runs (especially when AKFT paid me back by covering my arriese -- indeed my entire upper two thirds -- in the combat mission I got thrown up). Had to pay for repairs when the entire pocket agressed on me (despite me Running Away at full pelt) and buy a new clone because the old one was full.

So my Orca is no nearer, and all my ISKies in the bank are gone. And may have to sell some poniez as the feed bill is getting big. Is it my fault if I can't resist their pleading little eyes as they look at me through the pet-shop bars ?

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