Thursday, 12 November 2009


So, now I've got the Orca, I thought I'd learn a bit about it. I went back to the system I'd loaded up for the COSMOS missions I never did, and collected everything from there, then reshuffled the hold a little and took the Orca and kit down to see White Carnation.

She brought her mining cruiser up a few systems, and we met up, and fleeted and I tried out the "fleet booster" role. She tells me she was making more ore with it, and I was running mining drones while waiting, so it worked out quite well. Till the rats arrived. I lost drones, but we fought them off, and then docked, and all I had to do was unship a salvager from my ship-bay, and I could salvage all the rats.

Ended up with a hold full of minerals, which I went 1 jump ot sell and we each ended up with 900K. And she says that there's a L1 plex a few jumps away, and I just happen to have my Cheetah with me ...

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  1. I've got an alt slowly climbing from T2 haulers to ORCA, so now I understand your training queue pain. Not sure what I'm going to do with the skills as my mining buddy has burned out on the game.