Monday, 30 November 2009

More Mining

Met up with Ursus again, and he Hulk-ed and I Orca-d and we ran a couple of belts low on good stuff. Also lost 2 flights of mining drones between us -- I think I'll reserve mine for 0.8 and above: I can aford to lose them, but when you've named them, and painted them up, and polished them, it's a bit hard when some NPC rat just blows them into smithereens.

No idea what we made -- we collected the stuff, we didn't actually *do* anything with it. That will come later.

Tried some scanning, but I obviously need a *lot* more practice. But according to the patch notes, they're bringing in a scanning tutorial so that will be helpful.

Not looking forward to Lock-In Day again -- the poniez are getting restive, and I'm afraid they're going to run rampanyt across the entire station. Must get in some extra cabana boys to help feed and brush them.

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