Monday, 18 January 2010

Mine, mine -- it's *all* mine (all right, ours)

A day mining with Ursus -- we hit the belts before anyone else, as far as I know (certainly before the AKFT Bar was open), and gouged out kernite and scordite and other stuff.

Also managed to find a market for some ore only 5 jumps away. So we mined it, and I orca'd it to market to marker (tho' not to buy a fat ponie -- I already have enough of them).

All in all, when we split it up, we'd each made around 4 million. Plus bounties on around 10 rats that dropped in and never dropped out again. fewer than I'd expected, given it was an 0.5 system.

Have a new protegee -- a Gallente who wants to learn Assualt Ships and buy an Ishkur. Except he's no cash. So I may delve into Mal's legacy (what's left of it) and lend him some. Hope it's not a scam.

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