Monday, 11 January 2010

Hulkageddon note

My Hulk's staying docked, but that doesn't mean that me and the poniez are recreation-less.

Spent a week helping Carnation on a Level 3 "significant standings" mission; and yesterday I took out Mal's old salvaging ship to run the belts.

And noticed that, as soon as a ship enters a belt that just has one miner in it, the miner packs up and leaves. Which I'm putting down to the Hulk-gankers. I'm not one, but if I were flying a Hulk, I'd not even be letting a Rifter near -- a Reaper, maybe, but even that gives a "warp to" for the gank fleet.

So, lo-profile and salvaging for the present

1 comment:

  1. Keep in mind that Hulkageddon II should be a lesson for all miners in the future as well. Keep aligned to a SS, watch Local and ping that DS while you're out in the belts. The tank on your Hulk isn't very good, but it will buy you more time than if you fly untanked, which apparently a lot of miners are doing.