Monday, 2 March 2009

Aitn't Dead

Just been Doing Things. Couple of 7-figure missions (even one where, when I measured the stuff I looted & salvaged against the market (without looking for Best Possible Prices) I had made 2M in the one swoop); couple of short haul jobs and a "hand over 10K of ombar and we'll give you a standing boost".

And flying the Machariel -- yes, I know: silly Jenny, it's not insured etc. But the temptation was too much, and it turns out not to be too bad. In fact, as against, say a Rifter, it's awesome. And it has 1400s -- the ones they talk about in the bars, and the fitters' waterholes. Still can't fly Ogre IIs on it, but ...
As far as I can tell, it seems to work best at around 40 km, where it puts holes in cruisers quite nicely. And the light drones I'm flying seem to eat frigs for light snax.

White Carnation has gone. And without my help. She bought herself a Badger and I threw in the cost of some Cargo Expanders, and she packed all her gear (apart from some emergency ammo, and a mining / combat frig duo, in case she needs to shuttle back this way) and flew off to Somewhere Else.

Means it's me, DDD, and the AKFT (when they're around), and assume everyone else is an enemy.

Poniez well enough -- still waiting for me to bring the Freighter back so they've somewhere to run.

Fly safe !!

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