Tuesday, 3 March 2009

White Carnation

... commed me last night. She'd got to her new station, and had apparently gone to find some work. Found a mining company who wanted Astrosurveying doing. Except when she signed up, the mission was to blow away some Amarr scum who were planning viral terrorism.

And her in nothing better than a dessie.

But she went for it, and apparently came out alive. The hardest thing, she said, was taking down their slaver ships, which are apparently chelonian-armoured and have guns on just in case.

Very proud of her, especially when I look up the ships she was taking on and find that, as well as frigates, she had destroyers and scram/web interceptory things. And this from a girl whose done next to no combat training in her life. I may have to buy her a cruiser and some skill books if she goes on like this.
And she was supposed to be coming to give me a hand with my bps.

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