Monday, 9 March 2009

So It Goes

A mixed couple of days -- went back to Mal's hangar (since I had the time) and collected some more hulls. Dropped a Moa off to White Carnation (since she's going to be doing L2 missions and needs to be alive at the other end), and flew the rest up to my #2 depot.

Then learned the basic skills for using guns on one of Mal's BSs. of course, where I am is 1.0 sec, so there weren't rats to hunt. And his fititng includes a tractor but no salvager, so when I went to where I knew there were rats, I could shoot at them, but not salvage the goodies. But the guns work, and the 4 mixed drones seem to too.

And then, after an extended nap, and an hour on Presidents & Interns, I cut loose to see if the AKFT were around. Their channel was inhabited but otherwise silent, but later Belt Rider came on and I ran hauler for his Hulk for an hour, and mined scordite on the side (it was Bear's rigged hauler, which carries a mining laser up top), and then knocked off to watch CSI - Rens.

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