Monday, 16 March 2009

Is it *really* a journal ...

... when what you do is just record that Nothing Special Happened.

Went on for a few flys -- nearly lost the Mach when one mission turned heavy. But finished it, and ended up, when the bounties were in, with my 7 figures. Learned a couple of new skills ... and then found I *still* couldn't fly the ship I wanted to. Missed out on the AKFT mining op -- but I can't fly a Hulk yet so ...

And drone-ratted. By which I mean, not ratting for drones, but ratting with drones. One of Mal's ships ( well, several of them, but this one in question) is fitted for salvage -- 3 tractors, 4 salvagers [[If anyone has built Salvager IIs yet, I would buy one]] and no weapons. But it has a flight of lights in the drone bay. SO I was trying those on belt-rats -- which were melting l;ike sno-cones in a furnace. Of course, you only get marginal loot, but it's fun -- or different -- or something.

Going to nap now

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