Tuesday, 28 April 2009

More "More 'Stuff ~~' "

A slightly more contentious suggestion:

Spend to save your ISK. You fly a ship (or two) and sooner or later it gets blown up. "Don't fly what you can't afford" -- that's what we're all told. It's true. But you can recoup some of your loss by insurance. You buy it at stations, and for a premium (or a series of) you can get a pay-out if your ship gets destroyed (by pirates, by belt-rats, or by CONCORD). The more you pay, the more you get back.
Of course, it only lasts for a period (90 days, I think), and if you don't lose the ship, you don't get money back. But if you do, the payout will almost buy you a replacement hull, and all that you have to do then is to fit it out.

Salvage -- Not only for the components, but for the modules, too. Stock them up, and wehn you next lose a ship, you may well find you have replacement fittings in your hangar ready. And they don't come "damaged" (yet) -- if it's in a wreck, it's deemed pristine and 100% fit for purpose.
And keep an eye on *what* you salvage. Some stuff you will never (or not for a long time) need -- you may only use projectile weapons, so laser lenses are useless to you. You may well not know how to use a webber or a warp disrupter. You can recycle them, or you can sell them to someone who needs them.
Other things are what are called "named" -- they're like the basic modules you use, but they have different names. Check them out -- often they are the Improved Version of what you're using, and can be swapped in for a slightly enhanced performance. If you do a "See Info" on them, and look at what is called the "meta level", you get an idea. Basic modules are meta level zero. Tech 2 equivalents are meta level five (but they will need further training to use). Meta levels one to four are the Improveds (some modules don't have all four, though). Use and enjoy -- perhaps even sell some to your friends, for a fair price.

Don't throw things away. In Certain Other Games, there comes a point when your stash/backpack/ whatever gets full. In EvE, your hangar is infinite (so far as I know). So you never *need* to just chuck stuff out. And there are other options.

You can sell it. Probably on the market. Right-clicking will offer the option, but you are far from guaranteed to get the best price. The Market will show you want prices are being offered where. Make sure you read the "Sellers" block and not the "Buyers" -- I have myself spent hours dragging stuff to a station before realising that I'd got things wrong way round. You can also post sell "orders" by using the Advanced button on the sell option -- that means the goods stay where you are, you set a price, and if people want them, they come get them (if not, at the end of the time period you've set, you get them back). You will be charged for this, but this is spend to save your ISK again -- you pay a little now, and all being well, you get more back later.

You can recycle it. Again, it's on the options if you right-click an item -- "Reprocess". What you get back are minerals -- what you get when you refine the ores you mine. The station will take a %age, and there are inevitable wastages, but the one is affected by your standing with the station's owners, and the other by skill training -- the higher your standing/training the less you lose. In this case, then, you lose the item, but get the raw materials eventually tro build something else. Or you can sell them. But you can't reprocess them again. Incidentally, reprocessing is the only use I've found for the Scrap Metal you salvage. But it turns into Tritanium, which is almost always wanted.

Or you can trade it to a friend. That way, in due course, s/he can trade you what you need and s/he doesn't, and it all comes round.

Learn your strengths. Most races have things they're *good* at -- it's worth learning what yours are, and building on them. The main example are weapons systems -- the Minmatar ships get bonuses for projectile weapons -- rate of fire, range, that sort of thing. So, if you're flying a Minmatar ship, you want to be thinking about fitting projectile guns, and firing projectile ammo (and therefore learning the appropriate skills). Otherwise you miss out on something the game meant you to have. Similarly, although anyone can *use* a drone, and all races have ships that can carry them, one race gets bonuses for drones, and has ships that carry for more drones. So, if you're that way inclined, and have learned the skills, you buy ships for that race, and benefit.

I will edit this and add some more later

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