Sunday, 19 April 2009

Found the catch

with the super-salvage rig.

Which is that the cargo hold may not be big enough. I could lay out some ISK and invest in Expander IIs, but since I inherited the ship from Mal ready laid out, I would feel a bit disloyal changing it. Not least because Mal was all about survival, and I'd rather not get bl*wn away by messing with the set up.

I was helping the AK with some Level 4s, doing the salvaging. And the hold just kept filling. Mind you, the main reason, if you ask me, was the smartbombs. Which doesn't explain the drones, when four or five of them were fiiling me up. Either I need more room, or there are humungously large drones in L4 missions. With which, frankly, I never wish to tangle.

Ogre IIs. That may well be the training regimen for the medium term.


  1. Bahh expander II's FTW. Don't even tell me about not affording them, how can you NOT afford to use them! Go ahead he may applaud your ability to amke the ship better.

  2. At present I can generally salvage L3 missions, and the ship *is* nippy round corners & aligning (so long as I remember to zero the velocity first)