Thursday, 30 April 2009

A good Day's Work

For complicated reasons (to do with a mining mission), I'd docked at a different station (in the same system, but ...). So, of course, there were different agents, working for a different corp -- tribal, ratehr than industrial. So I thought, while the techs were watering the poniez, I would see what work they had. And one of them told me about some documents that had been stolen and offered me almost half a mill to get them back, with a healthy bonus if I did the job quickly.

So I switched ships, went back to him, and took the job (off-loaded the poniez as well, as I tend to find they aren't keen on the battle-y bits). I reckoned that, if there were bounties, I'd easily make my million.

Not an easy job, though :: missile batteries, and substantial enemy -- also my pod interface kept sticking, and the only solution was to jump out and reset it (which meant abandoning my faithful drones as well). After three rinse and repeats, I managed to clear the first area (and recover all but one of the drones). Then I headed for the second area, through a jumpgate, to find heavy gun-drone positions, and some cruisers. Fortunately my current gun-load can be effective even at 40km, so I did my 'ran away while shooting backwards' routine. Then I collected the documents, and headed home, for my dedicated salvager. Nothing wonderful on the salvage (though some interesting components, I'm sure I can use).

But when I totted everything up at the end of the day, even allowing some some minor repairs I had to have done, I'd made over two million ISK. So I may well book in to the spa again, and see about fitting the pod with kumquat goo -- it's all the rage in Jita, they say.

So, clear skies, too.

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