Thursday, 23 April 2009

I may have found

what's been the matter lately. I haven't been spending as much quality time with the poniez -- I've missed them and they're missed me. Fortunately, between running missions, I managed to get some simul-apples from a trader in Hek, and that's brightened them up.

Missions ... yes. Had one of those "this will seriously affect your standings" ones, and when I looked it up, the cheat guide talked about heavy missiles and web/scram combinations. So i thought "You can only lose each ship once", so I took it.

Given the option, I warped in at 50 km, and found myself 60 km from the ships, and within 2km of the missile tower. So I opened up with everything on it, and pulled away, which meant that the longer I fired the further into my (or my guns') sweet spot I got. Yes, they *were* heavy missiles; yes, they did a *bit* of damage, but long before the ships could reach me the tower was dust. Then, since all the ships had lock on me, I loosed my drones, and fired at 40k. Believe it or not, none of them got within 25k of me. I had a slight shield issue (down to about 45% at one point) but my repper kept it under control. An implant and 49K ISK -- for about 20 minutes' work (even if the salvaging was atrocious)

So I went home and bought cake and fizzies, and we had a pretend birthday party -- me and all the poniez (except Snoball, who's in Trouble for eating the Health Inspector).
And now it's nap time for Jenni.

See you all soon

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