Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Question Now

Actually, it's less *now*, but it soon will be. I'm nearly at the end of training up for Mal's ships (although there's the matter of training up the skills for the mining crystals I didn't realise I was inheriting).

Then I'll need to set a new course -- and probably not in the direction of the Interceptor or the Logistics Cruiser he left me, although those will stay safe and warm in a hanger, in case of need later. The question is whether to move to gank, and save up for a HAC, or stay carebear and aim longer-term for the bigger target of an Orca.

The HAC would be for L4 missions -- well, the ones that Eve-Survival doesn't recommend for the capsuleer who wants to die nastily and bloodily. My BC seems to be able to cope with most L3s and while I have no desire to force myself into the heavier stuff, I gather that there are rewards there, to be reaped. And I suppose, once I've learned how to use it properly, it might be capable of seeing off the smaller PvPer (the one in a nooB ship, for example).

The Orca, on the other hand, would be for mining ops. To act as a mother ship, to move an entire wing of ships -- Hulk, hauler, ganker, salvager -- from system to system, and to carry the loot to a market. I would use the Freighter -- the fabled Flying Brick -- but that can't pick up contianers from space, only from a station, and it also can't take rigged ships. So, if I want to have mission-ready ships I need the Orca. Trouble is, it costs so much.

The HAC would be cheaper, but I'd be running it in combat missions, where I could lose it. And gh*d knows what the insurance would be. On the other other hand, once I can run Ogre IIs, it is possible that missions will be able to be approached differently. And there is also the matter of the fabled 1400s. Will a HAC be able to mount these ? Effectively ?

Either way I need ISK. Which, at the moment, seems to come best from the mining side of the carebear life. I mentioned the plag prices, but I seem to be able to make over a million just with a hold-ful (Mammoth, not Hulk) of veld. But at that rate the Orca will be forever. The HAC would be quicker, but only till I lost it (and all the fittings).

The poniez aren't much help, either :: they're more interested in Cantering On Stations, and getting (or me getting them) some luxury blankets and nosebands, and some Gallente oats.


  1. For level four missions, the most efficient ship to run them in is a battleship. Dominix for Gallente, Raven for Caldari, Typhoon for Minmatar, Armageddon for Amarr.

    1400mm will NOT fit on a HAC, only cruiser guns. Since you asked I assume you are a Minmatar specced pilot, thus you would be looking at a 80-100 million ISK ship like the Muninn for a HAC and no good insurance payout should something happen. Typhoon or Tempest far better choice IMHO.

  2. I wouldn't aim to mission in a HAC reliably/efficiently beyond L3s. If you are dead set against BBs, aim for command ships. They will take longer to "process" L4 missions, but can be a lot of fun with friends. All the pre-reqs to fit one properly will keep you busy for a while and will help with any other ship you wish to fly. Add in the bonuses to gangs and they are win/win for us cruiser-hull lovers.