Wednesday, 6 May 2009

More exploring

Still don't *understand* what I'm doing. Managed to find 100% site in my home system; managed also to find it manned by Angels. As the CovOps ship has zero weapons, I Ran Away, but not before bookmarking a collidable.

Then I grabbed the BC and went back. Three rounds of Angels later the fighting stopped, and I salvaged. But there was no sign of any sort of organised outpost, and the collibables all came back as neutral.

Then I few out to an old mining ground I know, and tried there -- found a "Drone ... (something)". Which turned out to be a hollow asteroid. Fortunately I'd already swapped to Bear's GunBunny (another hand-crafted ship, that fights well), and I tried assault frig tactics -- get into range and orbit on afb -- which turned out to work well enough. Five rounds of drones, inlcuding one sentient.

But still no luck locating wrecks -- I may need to "up" my Astrometrics (which will need to wait till next month, because this month is 'Learning Ogre II' month)

In other news, I am advised that my Logistics cruiser is going to be unuseful except in fleet ops. A shame, since I dont have a fleet to op it with (unless I put each ponie in its own Reaper, and send them to Scour the Stars)


  1. Keep it up. The Explorer Skills are well worth it.

    Suggestions: Train up Archaeology, Hacking, and Probe Scanning Skills as much as possible. Also, go and do your searching in Lo Sec as well as 0.0 Space. The lower the Security Level, the higher the booty. Also, if you really feel dangerous, go and wander through the FW War Zone for wrecks. My character Jom Jab does wonderfully in this area!

    Do well, and Fly Safe!

  2. "But still no luck locating wrecks"

    If you are referring to the wrecks left by mission-runners that show up in Directional Scan, they are not objects that can be localized with probes. CCP has been asked about this and replied "working as intended." Hence, ninja salvagers scan for the mission-runners' vessels and not the wrecks.

  3. @JCH -- Lo Sec would be fine if it wasn't for the "yarr - measure my manhood by my killboard" merchants. As to O.O, thank you, but .... I don't have the clones for that.

    @Latrodanes -- thank you. Why, then, did my probe tin say that they were specifically set up for spotting ships and wrecks ? I know you don't know, but I think I need to talk to the salesman again, possibly in the company of Snoball the Carniverous Ponie.

  4. False advertising, I'm afraid. :-) Players have never been able to probe for wrecks to get a warpable location. You can get close using two lines-of-bearing on your directional, but you'll never resolve the actual location.