Monday, 4 May 2009

No Idea what I'm doing Wrong

Have CovOps ship (not something one usually admits -- tends to get mutterings, and suggestions you're going to be blown apart). Obtained Sisters' probe launcher for it. Then they changed all the probe systems. Bought scanning probes (don't ask me the serial number -- man said they came off a Providence that had an Accident, and not to ask questions, so I didn't). Tried using them and got some responses -- unfortunately I can't afford guns for it, so when the 2 Gistii turned up, I had to run.

Couldn't set a bookmark though -- had a scanning tower dead in my sights, but the UI wouldn't let me bookmark it to come back to.

What I was looking for were wrecks. Didn't find any, though the directional scanner said there were some somewhere.

So I went and bought something called a Combat Probe that, on the box, says it scans ships and wrecks. Took it to my system, checked there were wrecks around somewhere, and tried it.

Zero result. Absolutely no pickup on any wrecks. I can only think I've programmed it wrong. Going to go back tomorrow and try again -- otherwise I may have to complain to the manufacturers that it doesn't do what it says on the tin.


  1. I've been surprised at how much practice it's taken to get the hang of CovOps. While it's a lot less time consuming since Apocrypha, it's quite tricky getting the probes lined up and zeroed in on a bookmarkable target.

  2. You can bookmark the position off the scanner when you get the result to 100%, just right click the item you want to bookmark, very handy.

  3. @Cj -- thanks, tried that and it seems to, though on the scanner list rather than the HUD.

    @Sapphire -- I suspect I'm going for the easy *big green* ones, and you want the smaller trickier and more profitable ones.