Wednesday, 27 May 2009

So that's

"no" to the HAC, which means it looks as if I'm in for the (very long) haul for the Orca.

Which at 1M per day (when I can get 'on'), is around 1.5 years for the ship and goodness knows how much longer for the skillbooks.

Oh well, it's (supposed to be) good to have a long-term plan


  1. If you're running L3s in a BC, you should be able to pull in 3-4 mill ISK in casual mission running for an hour. That was the time per day you said previously you had to play, correct? Heck, I'm playing around in L2s with an AF just to fly wee lil boats while running the corp and making about 1.5mil in rewards/bonuses. That's in about an hour.

  2. For *you*, possibly -- I'm lucky if I get one 1M isk mission within an hour. Probably my poor choice of agents.

    Still, did manage 1.5M in mining without getting shot at by anything other than than belt rats.

  3. Re: Agents. Once I finally decided I wanted to stay in battlecruiser hulls and below, I searched for a good NPC corp with decent L3 agents. "Decent" equating to higher quality and in lower-security hi-sec systems. 0.5 and 0.6. Rewards and bonuses are thus optimized. I knew where I was going to start and where I was going to end up as a mission-runner.

    Once that was set, I generated a trade alt and fed the money to it to begin buying/selling/hauling. All of that then led to having enough to kick off my happy lil' corp of friends, by providing seed money for our budding miner/industrial folks. So, use that ISK to make more ISK, not just biuld up your savings account as it were.

    Also have an operational plan, i.e. what do you want to do in the game, and if that's to be flying an Orca, I'd really try to use that ship for all its worth. Find a mininig corp and offer your services. You can haul mission boats around as needed to satiate your mission requirements, but still get something out of the time/ISK cost out of the Orca itself.

    Finally and I think this is also something you may want to consider - "Don't fly something you cannot afford to lose." After all that scrimping for one Orca...I'm just sayin'.

  4. I know the Orca's meant to be a mining command ship, floating there doing good things for miners while they beaver away at the roids, but I'm reallty looking at it as a means of getting a mission fleet-let into and out of areas I want to explore/mission

    And, frankly, if someone decides to gank it simply for existing, then they're *sad*, and nothing I can do will be able to stop them. When ganker meets carebear the carebear will always lose, because he is fighting against the greatest of natural foorces -- entropy.

    Anyway, if I lose it, that's an opportunity for someone to sell me a new one. At least 9all being well) I won't have to retrain.

  5. If you lose it, you will also lose the vessels its carrying. Depending on where you are missioning, you really need only a primary vessel, salvage destroyer, and a hauler. That's three back/forth runs. If you have other vessels stage those to a location central to a number of different mission/ratting/whatever areas. For that matter, I have my hauler up at one of my mission sites and run it back and forth as needed.