Friday, 19 September 2008

Bad News; Good News

I haven't seen my uncle in years, and now it doesn't look like I will, from what I heard last night.

He joined the Minmatar Militia some years ago, and eventually got taken into the Regular Army. He was always a believer in the adage that in every private soldier's knapsack there can be a field-marshal's baton.

The trouble was, when the Provost-Sgt checked, Uncle Ned had 27 of them.

In other news
I'm still not sure about this agent, but last night I got a call from someone a system away, offering me a Special Mission -- they seem to pop up for time to times :: always offer you boosts with one or another of the government factions, and nothing material ever comes of it. Anyway, I didn't have anything except time to lose, so I went to see what she wanted. I'm not allowed to talk about the mission itself, but the reward was in seven digits. First time I've ever been offered that sort of iskies.

SO I'm taking a couple of days off, while all my poniez get their hoofs seen to -- sparkly pink for the gurlz and sparkly blue for the boyz.

LOL Jenni

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