Monday, 22 September 2008

If anyone ever reads this

I know that, technically, a cargo pod, or the cargo in a wreck, belong to people (usually wheover jetted the pod, or wrecked the ship), and that the wreck itself, and the salvage therefrom, are (at present, and Certain People to the contrary) free for collection.

But what is the etiquette ?
Presumably if no-one is about, it's all right to salvage.
Equally, if it's *your* wreck, you should be allowed to salvage from it (whether it was your ship, or belonged to an NPC you gutted)
But how far away from a wreck (in space and time) can you be and still have that moral right ?

Take an NPC wreck in a belt, and let's say that "PDQ Carebear" wrecked it.
If PDQ is in the belt, salvaging other wrecks, can he claim it's just waiting its turn, and I shouldn't snaffle it ?
How about if he's in the belt, but mining (and therefore not going to salvage for the short-term future) ?
How about if he's in the belt, emptying wrecks, but hasn't the tech to salvage them ?
How about if he's in another belt ? Are they still, morally, his ?
How about if he's in Local but not visible (docked or in a mission space) ?

I'm going to go wild and assume that, when you leave the solar system, your moral rights lapse.

But it seems a shame to have these wrecks floating about unsalvaged.

PS Anyone who'd like to hire me to clean up after them .....

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