Thursday, 18 September 2008

She Did It to me Again

I may have to move on to a new agent (which would be a pity -- I'm trying to butter her up to get to a far higher quality one in the same corp, who's said to offer extremely nice rates of reward).

I turn up, and do a quick run for oil for her hovercraft -- the sort of thing I used to do when I was just Starting Out (and didn't even have a single ponie to talk to). Then she says she has a little job for me.

Too fiddly for her regular pilots, which ought to have warned me. It turned out that there were drones guarding some 'roids, that she wanted mining. I almost turned the job down, but that would have meant going out to find some other work, and she was offering sparkly cash. So I knuckled down, and started planning.

In the end I had to get my own little fleet-let. And fly all of it myself. A mining ship to dig the stuff and a hauler to carry it. Then go back for my gunship, and shoot the drones. Then get the miner and mine (taking care of a local pirate and another couple of drones, so maybe the miner could have taken the original ones, but I wasn't taking chances). And finally tidy up the deadspace, and rush back to get the hauler before someone probed out my jet-can and took all the ore for themselves. Turned it in, took the miner home, and was too tired to shift the hauler for now. So that will be for doing another day, because I *so* need it *not* where it is.

I'm not saying that I didn't appreciate the 200K in ISK (my poniez will feed tonite) but I signed up to fly one ship at a time, not to have to assemble (and disassemble) little fleets. And what if I hadn't had the miner and the hauler ? Was I meant to buy them ? And sell them later, at a loss ?

Nap time for Jenni -- see what tomorro brings.

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