Thursday, 25 September 2008

Good Dayz

So, I got one of those strange missions where you do things for people in Dark Glasses in order to boost your Faction Standings. It turned out to be a multi-part one as well, and in a system I don't often go to (because it's a dead end).

So, I thought about it, and hired someone to look after the poniez for a day or two, and went and did it. Which, in the end, and including the long-and-boring "Would you take this data to a Man in a System -- but don't ask him his name, or his dog's name, or the parrot's name, or anything that is his ?" sub-mission, took most of a day. I ended up at my base camp, and slept there. Then I went back to my mission hub (it's a system away), and found, to my joy, that the yummy +quality agent who'd been turning me away (so I had to use her -quality cousin) would give me an interview.

She also gave me a combat mission (which since she's supposed, like her cousin, to do mostly courier work, was a little ... unsettling). Thinking about it, I decided to take my biggest ship, which meant I had room for a ponie, so I took Legolam. And we set off -- it was fun (even if Legolam did get *too* excited again -- memo to self: next time, buy Industrial Strength air-freshners) and I same back to find that, with the rat bounties, I'd made seven figures.

Then she gave me a courier run to the back of beyond (all right -- 8 jumps, though!), and when I got there, I found an agent with my favourite corp (the guvvinment -- I'm working on getting my taxes down) and so I did some missions for her -- and one was another combat one, and it took the age of a duck (and meant Legolam missed feed-time, becoz I was shooting things), but at the end, when I added in bounties, I had another seven figure paycheck.

Which is two in two days. So Legolam is going to have a holiday, on a planet with Real Grass, and I'm going to fly home tomorrow, and then I gather (from a reminder message on my personaComp) that I'll have some researched blueprints to collect. In an 0.4 system. That has a deadspace in it (or did last time I was there). I think I feel a trip in my sleek and lovely Jag coming on. The question is, do I invest in T2 guns for it ? Decisions, decisions, and me (temporarily) without a ponie to ask for advice.

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