Tuesday, 16 September 2008

It Sometimes Happens

... that things don't happen the way you mean them to.

I didn't mean to buy a duplicate skill-book (especially when the ship it was going to be used for went poof! twinkle!). And I meant to go missioning.

In the event someone bought the skillbook (at a 10% discount), and instead of missioning, I did a deadspace (a "1 of 10" one, but so long as they still let me in ...). Not that that was the idea, either -- the scanner said there were wrecks a-plenty, instead of which I found an untouched deadspace and lots of red pirate-type people. With little ships that my faithful Dramiel (a gift from Mal) can pot in one or two shots, and which then spit up wrecks and salvage. Not as much salvage as some times -- I was only half full with the first room done, but I emptied out and then went back for room #2, which nicely filled up the time I'd otherwise have spent doing two or three cargo courier jobs.

I know: EVE isn't meant to be like this -- I'm supposed to be risking my life on a daily basis. Hello -- pet-owner here :: if I die, who feeds the poniez ? and tells the droids to clean them out ? Let me tell you, poniez left untended for 2 or 3 days make their presence known, if you get my drift.

And I look at it this way, you see: if it's good enough for Nyronds ...
(sorry -- old song there) if I do this, it gives the PvP pirates soemthing worthwhile to hunt, while I'm not.

And I also learned Mass Production (which has nothing to do with the padre), and so now I can use 2 of my new BPOs at the same time. So, so long as DrDrDr Ursus keeps doing the mining, and sells me ore (or refined stuff: he's supposed to be learning the refining skills), I can turn out some of my own ammo.

And now, I'm tired, and so I'm going to knock off, and write some more later.


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