Friday, 27 February 2009

Back -- Briefly

Couldn't get my pod straight.

I was going to try flying the Machariel, but the pod was glitchy so I switched back to the 'cane.

Tried to mission and kept dropping my connects. Finally got lined up and spent forty minutes getting pounded by some EoM militants. About survived, and then decided to salvage what I could in a dessie. Had to do three runs before I had everything, and had it born in on me that, again, I have no idea of what's worth keeping, what I can sell, and what I should recycle.

All this time and still a n00b.

And White Carnation's moving out and down, so I'll need to fetch the freighter up to move her, as she doesn't even fly industrials.

The poniez are well -- but why shouldn't they be ? They aren't paying the stabling bills.

Did make 2 million out of the mission though, once I added the bounties to the meagre fee that the agent offered.

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