Thursday, 15 January 2009

Bleagh !!

The idea is that I try to mission for 1 million per day :: more if I can get it, but a basic 1 mill.

So, my agent must have found out, adn fed me a chain of missions each of them sufficiently below the mark to get me to come back, and most of them against faction fleet NME, meaning minimal salvage beyond tags (which I can't use, really).

Then, just when I was ready to pack in, I was thropwn a storyline that wanted ombar. And since I didn't have an ombar field in-system that I knew of, that was my back-stock of the stuff that had to be used. And then they asked me to go after some smugglers. Which I did, and all that they had worth salvaging was Highly Illegal Herbal Substance, which won't sell on the market.

So, I spent the tail-end of the night in the AKFT Bar, drinking Wooden Parrots, feeding oatmeal crunchies to such of the poniez as were in arm's reach, and listening to some guy on vacation from 0.0, going on about how wonderful it was getting ganked by an eight-strong group, that he hardly managed to scratch.

I'm not cure, but I got the impression he was actually recruiting for a 0.0 corp who needed new warm bodies. So, when he looked my way, I made my excuses and left.

On the other hand I did clear 3 skills in one night -- Mal's ships are a tiny bit closer.

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  1. They had weed? SWEET. I'd hang on to that just because it's funny.