Friday, 2 January 2009

So We're Back (sort of ... )

Bin away, come back. Have headache. Have poniez. The two may be connected.

Have done some missions -- several of them of the 7-figure variety. I think. Haven't actually checked the wallet recently -- so long as there were ISKies to spend ....

Did the one with the ombar 'roids again. Had DrDrDr come down to help, with his Hulk -- he mined, I hauled. Did the down-time reset on it, all inside the time limit, so got double the ombar for double the time. Can't work out how to mine more without inviting someone else in. Would have asked Mal, but he's gone and inheriting all hiz stuf just izn't the same.

White Carnation was an option, but she was busy studying for an exam she has coming up. She managed to find some tags selling for 200 ISK below the Hek price, and loaded up with them, got into Heimatar and found someone offering 5 times as much. So that was a quick diversion and 200K better off. But her research agents still won't look at her, even to offer her Level 1 jobs. So back to the grind. Anyone with Angel tags is invited to donate them (apparently you can grind standings with them -- don't ask me ... well, not today, anyway).

The poniez threw me a New Year party. There was a lot of musick and dancing, and oat-flavoured drinks, and I remember a balloon. Or a baboon. Anyway, I'm going to go and lie down, and drink a lot of water. In a dark room. A dark, quiet room. Without poniez. Or baboons.

Send coffee in about twenty hours. Oh, and those little nutty biscuits they have in .... in ... oh ****


  1. You are funny! Happy New Year!

  2. I'm going to have to ask specifics about the coffee - We should start at what variety of coffee and end up with how many sugars (if any) you are to have in it...I just can't work without specifics!

  3. allow me to point you at the data center in emolgranlan (sp?). Don't however start a mission without consulting the interweeeb as you may end up starting the one that uses diamond tags or some such (the ones available only in 0.0 officer ships anyways).