Thursday, 8 January 2009

Looking for Advice

White Carnation and I (bless her) were talking a few days ago. It looks as if, to get her R&D going properly, she's going to have to frequent lo-sec to get to some right agents. And she asked what would be the best sort of ship to use.

Between us, and trying to think "yarr", we decided that there were two options, but both need a little preparation -- either train up for CovOps, and get a cloaked ship, and hope that no-one thinks she's doing spying runs, or else rely on flying 0th-level starter ships, so that if she gets blown up, she's no worse off. Of course, that means never taking in implants, because she would lose them as soon as she was podded. She has next to zero combat skills, and doesn't want to go the PvP path (as she is a scientist at heart), and she won't be able to afford paying gate fees to every pirate who happens by (and, let's be honest, for a solo pilot it's like danegeld -- once you're known to pay, *everyone* you come across is going to demand their 10M, no matter who else you might have paid off.

So -- which way should she go, and is any one CovOp or starter ship better than others, for the simple "go in, learn what the mission in, come out again" rotuine [sic] ?

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