Wednesday, 28 January 2009

So I'm back

. . . except now I'm deep in someone-else's space, trying to sort Mal's ships. Except I think I've done all that I can, for now. Mostly because I'm still not trained to get aboard half of them.

n00b notes ... or what I should have found out first

1. If you don't have the skills to fly a ship, the station won't even let you go aboard to see what's there, or to run a "fitting" scan on it.

2. If you don't have skills to use a module, the station will let you unship it, but not fit it back on. You then need somewhere to put it.

3. Freighters will not carry containers, other than their own special breed. So anything you have in a container has to be repacked. And the empty container than has to be repackaged and loaded separately, which means it takes up as much room as it would have done full.

4. Stations also have their own special breed of containers, which don't seem in any way to be moveable.

5. Freighters, based on my brief experience, fly like a brick. That is, they're fine in a straight line, but getting them to align to anything they aren't already pointing at is soooo sloooow. And forget about anything other than "warp to zero" -- in the time it takes to do 15K to a gate a Reaper could probably open you up. No AFB, no shield repairer, no armor repairer.

6. They do, however, carry shiups, once you've a)emptied, and b) repackaged them. Which means forget the name on it, and forget any rigs there once were -- they're gone. You're back to bare hull, and empty space inside.

Fly safe.


  1. Theres a way around the 'carrying rigged ships' issue with Freighters, but it's a bit limited. You need to create a courier contract for each ship between whoever owns the ship, and whoevers going to carry it (I'm not sure if it can be done from the same character, so you may need to transfer the ship to someone if youre also doing the freighter flying)

    As long as the total size is under 125km3 (single fitted cruisers, multiple fitted frigates, nothing bigger) you can create a freight 'package' that will fit into a freighter and therefore allows you to transport fully assembled/rigged ships.

    Of course, you need a lot of available contracts to create a lot of freight contracts, but as long as its not many ships, you should be able to get them all in the 5 available contracts at contracting level 1.

  2. Thank you. I may well do this for the remainder of the ships, as they're not the sort of thing (Logistics, and Interdictors, and so on) that you want to be seen flying if you aren't 110% sure of what to do with them.

    As a friend said to me, I stand a good chance of being very popular on kill-boards ... as the Celebrity Victim.

  3. Tough lessons indeed Jenni, I do not envy the learning curve at all. One thought that might make you smile...A corpmate long ago decided he would bring the Charon into 0.0..We had blues on the entire route and all was setup. He jumped to the wrong system...long story short he was 16% remaining in hull by the time limped back to the gate (at 30m/s)

  4. If you are so inclined there is a way to speed up the freighter a bit. You need a second account. The second character needs to be in fleet with the freighter. The second character needs to web the freighter (although an aggressive act, you are not concorded because you are in fleet with the freighter). It doesn't allow the freighter to align faster but it does allow the freighter to enter warp almost instantly once aligned because it reaches it's "new" top speed (because of web) sooner.

  5. Thanks mars -- I *like* the idea of putting 2 ships together. I'm less sure how the yarr-merchants would feel about turning a blind eye to a freigher with seeing-eye dog cruising through space.

    Manasi -- your friend has my sympathy: the number of times I've warped to zero and found msyelf at the wrong location (because the HUD jumped and what I clicked on wasn't at that location anymore) ...