Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Hai! And an [excellent] New Year to all of you to adopt the Standard Calendar.

Jenni has asked me to inform all that she remains well and alive, but somewhat too busy to [make conversation] at the present.

For myself, I am deep in the studies I must undertake to gain [advanced] academic credits and recognition by Research Agents (who, so far, spurn all my approaches).

But I have made time recently to work with the agent that Honorable Jenni [have] found for me, who has been doing research on Augumene, an [otherwise useless] mineral.
So she asked me to mine some, and bring it to her, and then to fetch some data-crystals with material encoded onto them.
A little later I heard that apparently there had been an accident with the researchers, and I was asked to go to investigate. There proved to be an Amarr laboratory, guarded, which is was necessary to destroy, [it being in] Minamatar space.
Eventually an antidote was calculated and I was entrusted with the tasks of obtaining some Minmatar DNA from the destroyed laboratory and then manufacturing the antidote. My first piece of researching -- I am now awaiting [obtaining] the relevant paperwork, which I will go to show to the Minmatar authorities in the hope that they will [certify] me fit to work in their own corporations.

May the Galaxy reward us all in meet [manner] --

Baihua, daughter of Heng, [commonly calling] herself White Carnation.

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