Saturday, 17 January 2009

Modified gangurl squee !!! (I think that’s what I’m supposed to say)

Not that I’m going to tell my agent, but while dealing with a noxious little man (look, he had stolen some papers, and he had a troop of unfriendly drones, and some extremely violent mercenaries working for him) for him, I happened across the contents of his luxury Habitant (I must think about buying my own Habitat at some stage, and anchoring it near a Pleasure Hub. Then, maybe, I could relax properly … or improperly, according to Reverend Pastor Bikledine’s latest online sermon, which seems, to my taste, to have a little too much detail about exactly why relaxing is sinful, and we should all instead by sowing and reaping in the fields and vines …. Vines, now there’s an idea ….)

Anyway, among the salvage from his Habitat (which must accidentally, honestly, have strayed into the field of fire at some point), I found two Robot Assembly Modules and a skill book. Neither of which I’ve ever seen before just Laying About. So Ponie Roderigo is looking after them, tucked at the bottom of his feedbag, just in case anyone wants them back, and I’m going to drop in on White Carnation and see if she knows what to do with them.

Then I’m going to have some nauga-burgers and a long draught of Wooden Parrots, and then, I think, a nap.

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