Thursday, 5 February 2009


Skill queue (that's the way I spell it !) -- Yay !! Even just for 24 hours'-worth, it will go some way towards avoiding the 2am log-in.

Vanishing of BoB -- Mystified. Never wanted to be in 0.0, but troubled insofar as, aren't G~Swarm the lot that send jihadists into 1.0 to kill carebears ? And, if they don't have BoB to wrestle with, aren't they going to go back to jihad for their yarr !! ??

In both cases, need to wait for the "official" line -- just how easy will the queue be, and will it be tied to certificates or similar mechanic ? And how was the AFKAB heist done ? Legitimately, with someone opening the gates to the Horde, or subversively, by impersonation and what-would-in-RL-be-criminal-fraud ??

We need to be told. In the one case, I'm confident we will be, once trial runs have ironed things out. But will it be in March, or is this on the "Ambulation" Real-Soon-TM bandwagon ??

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  1. That's also the CORRECT way to spell it, Jenni. And it's why I love you.