Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Movet #2.

Went all the way back to Mal's hangar, before realising there were no good ships there I could fly.

So I brought a T2 industrial back, and then fitted out a Vindicator I'd shifted halfway and flew that home. Not that I can actually fire the guns yet, but the low(er) lifes hopefully didn't know that. Can't even fly the drones, because Mal was good-to-go on heavies, which I'd been planning on looking at in a year or so.

And I fitted up one of his cruisers and found he'd dedicated it to salvage, so I now have something for mission-sweeping up that isn't a Mammoth.

I feel the need for some ratting coming on. Have my cocoa, and a cuddle with the poniez (who feel a bit Left Out with me away so much), and then maybe a long nap, and then perhaps we'll rat a while.

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