Friday, 13 February 2009

So ...

Being licked by Pancho (the Wonder Ponie) may not have been a good idea -- I've had a fever for three days now. Been confined to bunk reading skill-boox. May eventually learn to fly Mal's Heavy Drones.

Does anyone know if there are User Guides out there to Heavies, or to Sentries ? Just to tell me what to do with them and how.

White Carnation's gone off -- heard about some missions back down in Essence, and went to look at them. I may need the Flying Brick back up here to move her stuff, if she stays there, and if I don't want to be Mammothing for days to shift what she owns. She's industrious, I'll give her that.

And in other news, I may be Out Of Touch for a few days -- there's talk of a compulsory Republic Military School one-week call up, for skill refreshing. I'm with tech, myself, but apparently, since I fly a BC and a Cruiser, I'm "eligible" (read: conscripted).

Bless me, but life's a beyotch.

Edited: to correct the incomprehensible bits.

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