Monday, 2 February 2009

Movet ... or something like that

So, the Machariel is home. Sorry to all the yarrs who wanted a bit of her, but I stayed in hi-sec throughout. And brought cargo with me, as well as the shuttle.

And I re-equipped one of the others, and flew a Mammoth, unloaded, back to Mal's base. Also flew the Brick back.

Didn't kill anything. Hardly saw the poniez, either.

And my training just grew by another month, to use the modules on the ships.

At this rate it'll be a year before I get to fly any of them for real.

So I had to miss out on the mining operation with the Orca -- still haven't seen it in action.

And everyone's going on about wormholes and T3, and I don't see how I can get in on that. Unless I get a clone, and a Rifter, and just go fly-about. Which might be fun. Or not, when I get blown away.

Oh, well -- back to the nappery. And the skillbooks


  1. Some of us are just going to have to form up a gang sometime and go check it out together once it is all implemented. :) No need to go solo if ya don't want to.

  2. The new probing is supposed to make it less involved to find wormholes, so you should at least be able to take the occasional tour of w-space. :)

  3. Wow. A Mach, very impressive.

    You are not a noob, not at all! :P

  4. GeauxT -- Nice idea, but I still don't feel happy about ending up stuck in a system with no wormhole back.

    Kirith -- I'm going to wait and see what the first venturers say. As (someone -- sorry I forget who) blogged a day ago, we may get the 600-lb gorillas of 0.0 simply walking in, slapping down Death Stars and pwning entire sectors.

    Tony -- Not my Mach, Mal's. I can fly it (from A to B); eventually I'll learn how to load the guns and run the drones. Then I have some L1 missions to get pay-back on.
    No, actually, I want to try doing a couple of L2s which have Large(r) Fleets lurking in them, in something that might tank the experience.

  5. Wow, you can fly such a ship!

    But, you only want to take it in L2's!

    I'm sure you will do great!