Monday, 9 February 2009

An Interesting Couple of Days

Went back to missioning -- managed my million (out of 3 missions), and then got one of those Important Faction Missions. I was thinking of turning it down, till I saw that the reward was 5 mill -- grabbed that and flew it as fast as I could. And then looked at my hangar and rearranged some stuff and ended up ducking down to [CENSORED] where I sold some stuff and made another 2 million.

Just in time, when Pancho the Wonder Ponie licked me awake, to find that I had a 10 million ISK bill for insurance. Since it was on the ship I mostly fly (Ourenaris) I paid it, and flew a couple of systems down to where some friends were supposed to be getting a mini-fleet together.

Wandered round a L2 complex for a while, popping reds in my Jaguar for fun, and then went for lunch. When I came back Bear was calling the fleet to arms, so I switched back to Ourenaris, and flew out. It took (the ususal) half-hour to get everyone sorted out, but then we were gang-warped to a gate and told we were going through.

I never did see two of the ships I was with -- Ourenaris is a BC, and I know we had a Drake and an Abaddon somewhere; there may have been another BS, and there was a little thing nipping round that might have been a Caracal -- in fact we may have had two of theose, in serial, one having had a slightly terminal experience with enemy fire.

We jumped.
Into a wall of red. All of them out of range of my guns. I closed in -- too eagerly, as it turned out :: they targeted me and my shields wilted. Aligned for a station and warped out with 25% armour, and set about repping. By the time I got back, there weren't many of them left, but since they had all picked their targets, I just whittled them down. Apparently the corp I was with had a dedicated salvager, so once "they" were all dead, we were recalled to base station pending reassignment.

The next one was the field of drones mission -- all of them 3hp, AC7, so we blitzed that. Then we did two more -- a one-room and a two-room. This time I didn't have to warp out -- I waited 10 seconds after the BSs went through, and then went for ships that were engaged. Got a string of frigs and cruisers on me at one point, but being Min, I just showed my heels and parthian-shot over my shoulder. Still, the 87K trip back to the others was a bit of a bore.

Then people started to go off to watch the Tournament, so we split up. I docked and went for a meal (without Pedro -- the station were a bit snooty about him (or her -- I'm not sure with Pedro)) and when I came back I totted up and reckoned I'd got around 1.5mill in my share of the mission fees, almost a mill in bounty shares, and 4 mill in my share of the salvage.

So I'm thinking I may take the Machariel out for a test fly -- Ghu knows what it will cost to insure her, mind you.

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  1. Looked at the insurance on the Machariel -- decided it was too much. then desided to ake it ratting anyway, on the basis that the rats hadn't troubled me for several weeks so ....

    Anyway, shot 2 or 3 -- had 1 run away when it saw me; then packed up as the [RL] virus checker wanted its turn.