Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Playtime for Poniez !!

Went back to my guv'mint agent (word has he was paying well) and got 2 combat missions one after the other. Fat ones. Put it this way -- the poniez and I (all expcent Snoball, who is In Trouble, after they noticed he'd eaten three of the station's staff -- I *did* tell them not to go in after dark, but he's very good at whinneying in a plaintive manner) will have a good break on what we made.

The first one ended up worth 2.5 million with all the bounties, and the second one 1.25, and I had to keep breaking off, during the salvaging, to drop hold-loads of stuff at stations. Ran out of missiles, but that's sort of inevitable when you fire them off like fireworks.

And got some good sales on the market. Some stuff just isn't worth selling, so I've started reprocessing, in the hope of getting rarer minerals for some building I have in mind.

But that's all in the future. Once the poniez are all aboard, I'm flying off to one of the leisure stations, and Ursus and White Carnation are coming, and we're going to "hav a partay".

See you on the flip-flop, whatever one of those is.

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